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Reading and Writing

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1The one thing that turned me off to writing in the past was that I had to write a two page report on the book I read and the one thing that turned me off to reading was to read a book and do a book report on it. 2Whenever I hear the teacher say to writing about more than two or three page paper, I usually freak out about that. 3I don't really like to write long page papers. 4It takes me a long time to either write or type any long paper. 5I would have to go to my teacher who helps me to develop and organize the paper. 6I have trouble developing long papers. 7 I don't have enough ideas to write long pages or paragraph paper. 8Sometimes my thoughts aren't in the place they need to be in, and sometimes when I write a paragraph or somewhat I usually get off track. 9Every time I had to ask the teacher to help me to make bullet points for the type of writing. 10If I do write something and someone is reading my paper; they would probably say "What are you trying to tell me?" 11When sometimes I'm in that situation, I make bullets notes to make the reader understand what I wrote. 12However, reading books was not my strength or my favorite thing to do. 13I did not like to read books about boring stories. 14I would skim through the book and grab little bits of information about the story. 15Sometimes it would be a long story book that I had to read and I wouldn't read it. 16I really didn't like to read books that much, because it didn't felt like I really need to read in life. 17 When there is a subject that I like to read I will enjoy reading it, because I like to read articles that will interest me or learn something. 18The only thing that I will read is something interesting to me or like good news to know about. 19Therefore, writing long page papers and reading books are my weakness in life.



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