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Real Love Is a Decision

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"Real Love is a Decision"

The first time I heard about Real Love Revolution, I was interested to hear what it was all about. Many of my friends told me that it was a continuation of what Jason Evert started. So, I knew that Christopher Stefanick and Leah Darrow were the speakers but I had no clue who they were. All I knew was that they were Catholic and they came from different backgrounds which make them as effective speakers.

The first time I saw Chris, he looked like a college student to me. He didn't look like a father of five to me. From that impression, I saw that he was holding a guitar which implied that he is going to sing or play. From that decision, I saw that he knows what his audience is. Meaning, it is always to start a speech with an icebreaker. Consequently, his icebreaker made the audience very interested and engaged into what can Chris give or do more.

Early in his talk, he made a decision to present the theme of "Real Love". He said that "Real Love is all about doing good for one another." From that thinking I could see that "Real Love" is a choice. It is more than an emotion. I believe that marriages last a long time not because of the romantic and lovely emotions but of the equal commitment given by both spouses. From this point, I can say that love is a decision.

Although there is no doubt that Chris Stefanick's speech was very good in a sense that there is passion to it, Leah Darrow's was more interesting because she had an experience of a "Fake Love". What I am saying is that the thinking behind Leah Darrow's talk was she had a testimony to give. It is always effective and powerful since a testimony is a real life story. Leah Darrow's life was somehow shown in a way that the audience could really relate. She had so many bad experiences but I could just say it in one word, "deception". Why? Maybe it has something to do with the bad choices, influences, and circumstances she had but it simply began with desire.

She told a story when she joined in the fashion model show, The America's Next Top Model. So here it is.

At first, she was very overwhelmed since she would be competing with best looking girls in America. All of the girls there had a mindset of just winning and be the best girl she could ever be. But throughout the contest, she lost and felt like she really lost really big time. Though she was very sad, an employer came to her an asked, "We heard that you were off the show and we would like to offer you something better." Leah replied, "Sure! I'm game for this!" -At this moment, this would be the bad part of her story would begin.

With the positive outlook, Leah followed the employer and was asked again to be a fashion model. But



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