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Recruitment and Selection Strategy

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Recruitment and Selection Strategy/Rewards and Compensation Plan

Roger Hall, Janette Kalla-Lobe, Karol Nevarez, Sanjeet Rodriguez

HRM/548 – Recruitment and Retention Practices

October 12, 2015

Facilitator: LJ Elliott

Recruitment and Selection Strategy/Rewards and Compensation Plan (Janette) 

The Harrison Corporation is based in the United States and has other segments in which are in South America and Europe. Harrison Corporation segment in Central America will be expanding and changing some of the corporations focus on expanding into the Central America. Producing low cost discount office supply, this company will produce products which will help create a new suppliers. The most important focus will be on marketing and delivery to two groups of customers in which consist of retail and corporate customers. The organization has a market in which currently markets primarily off of catalogs and the Internet. In order for the organization to reach those consumers. This also allows for the organization to reach direct sales customers, and those retail and direct consumers through that businesses. The translations done throughout the catalogs still hasn’t driven the amount of consumers in which the organization plans to reach in the Central America Market. For the best interest of the Central America market the presence of the company may need to create a business Unit in which location of Costa Rica Market will promote and direct sales activities directly.

Key Qualifications (Janette)

There are five key positions that the Harrison Corporation needs to fill in order to implement the new expansion direction of the business in Costa Rica. Some of the positions are listed as the following; Marketing Analyst, Regional Manager, Product Development Specialist, Business Development Specialist, and Consumer Service Specialist. Some of these positions have common qualifications including; fluent in both Spanish and English and willing to live in Costa Rica, where Harrison’s Central America office is based” (University of Phoenix, 2015). All positions have a list of key qualifications that will need to be met before the job is even offered to that candidate. The Regional Manager position requires that the selected candidate meet the following qualifications: “Bachelor's degree in Business or Engineering field required; Five to seven years of relevant experience in business management, marketing and sales preferably within the office supplies market; and Analytical skills and disciplines in support of business planning, strategy development/deployment, relationship management, and conflict resolution” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

The Marketing Analyst position requires that the selected candidate meet the following qualifications: “Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Economics, or other quantitative fields or equivalent direct experience required; Master’s degree preferred, Minimum one year analytic work experience, such as consulting, marketing analytics, financial/actuarial analysis, strategic planning; Two years preferred; Advanced degree may substitute for some required experience; Demonstrated proficiency with personal computers and relevant software packages, the ability to structure, and solve problems using quantitative tools, such as Excel and SAS, and Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

The Business Development Specialist position requires that the selected candidate meet the following qualifications: “Ability to build both internal and external relationships, strong communication, organization, and time management skills; Solid problem solving and consultative skills required; Self-driven, motivated and results oriented; Strong ability to gain knowledge of IT products and services; and Bachelor's degree  from four-year college or university, or one to three years related experience and training; or equivalent combination of education and experience” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

The Product Development Specialist position requires that the selected candidate meets the following qualifications: “Excellent team leadership and strong project management skills; Able to work with and communicate with all levels of the organization and outside vendors; High energy, detail-oriented individual who is adaptable to change and requires minimal direction; Must possess the ability to multitask in a fast paced dynamic environment; A Bachelor’s degree preferred; Two to ten years of experience as a product manager and supervisor coordinating large projects and leading multi-departmental workgroups preferred; and Must be fluent both in English and Spanish” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

The Customer Service Specialist position requires that the selected candidate meets the following qualifications: “Must have the knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices and procedures within the customer contact center industry; Must be able to perform basic computer, keyboard, mouse and typing functions; Must be able to perform data entry functions; High school diploma or general education degree (GED); Minimum of six months call center experience preferred; Excellent oral and written communication skills, including fluency in both Spanish and English; Ability to demonstrate care and concern for customers; Able to maintain composure during stressful situations; and Must be willing to live in Costa Rica, where the Central American office is located” (University of Phoenix, 2015).

Recruitment Strategy (Janette)

Harrison Corporation must use both the internal and external recruiting approaches when seeking to fill their vacancies. Further, the company must also use the labor markets in both countries. Nonetheless, it does not change the need to use both internal and external recruitment methods that are distinct. Let’s begin with the internal recruitment.

Internal Recruitment (Janette)

The internal recruiting sources offer a sample of applicants who are well known to the organizations as long as the applicants meet the qualification requirements to fill the position. Further, the applicants are well verse and knowledgeable about the company's vacancies, which minimize the exaggerated expectations about the job. Equally beneficial to using the internal recruiting sources is the cheaper and faster way to fill the vacancies because some of the hiring processes will likely not be needed (Noe, et al, 2008).

A couple of benefits or advantages with hiring from within are that it saves Harrison Corporation on hiring costs. It minimizes the need to spend money and time by advertising the position, reading lots of applications, and interviewing a slew of candidates. Hiring from within expedites the process because the information on the applicants are readily available and thus reduce the hiring process, which cut costs and time.

Second, Harrison Corporation could save money on compensation. Hiring someone from the outside requires HR to come up with a competitive compensation package, especially if the position is hard to fill. Promoting someone to the next level should initially cost less since the raise will likely be less than the full salary difference between the hired employee's salary and the next level.



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