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Reflections Case

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When reading the quote from Donna Diers, I wondered was there ever a time I did not feel passion for what I do? All nurses go through a time when they may wonder if they chose the right profession, or ask themselves why they are doing what they do. Nursing is continually changing. Facilities require more out of staff. Nurses are overworked, and not given much credit for all they do. There are so many trials and tribulations to overcome. Today it may be, I have too many patients. Tomorrow it may be a new audit tool has precedence over patient care.

There comes a time when you finally get it, the reason you are a nurse! My moment came when my father-in-law became sick. I knew God placed me in nursing for a reason, but it took me a long time to understand why. God had prepared me for the hardest job I would ever do as a nurse. All of my skills, expertise that I had acquired through the years, would all come full circle while taking care of my father-in-law. I became his advocate, his caregiver, his nurse. It was such an honor to be able to care for him and his family/ my family, through this ordeal. Looking back I am so thankful God gave me the experiences He did. I would need to draw on all of these experiences during the last two weeks of my father-in-laws life. Had I not had those experiences I would not have known the disease process and how my father in law could best be taken care of. I would not have known how to deal with my husband's family, and the emotions that were overtaking them. I feel blessed to have cared for my father-in-law. I know now, why I do what I do. All of my patient's benefit from this experience, it is the reason I treat each and every one of my patient's as if they are my family.



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