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Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Nurse Patient Ratio in Nursing Burnout

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Essay Preview: Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Nurse Patient Ratio in Nursing Burnout

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A Case Study Presented to

Saint Jude College PHINMA, Manila

Graduate School

In Compliance with the Requirements in

MNE 206 Administration in Nursing Practice

Jeremiah S. Erpelo, RN

August 4, 2019


        Learning is dynamic; it is a continuous process of discovering new ideas that later on will be used in our activities of daily living. It is also innate to us individuals for we our given the free will to think and do things based on what we have learned.

        Nursing, being the noblest profession; requires not just skills and attitudes but, also knowledge or mastery in every concept that it encompasses. After finishing the bachelor’s degree in nursing, graduates are required to pass the nurses’ licensure examination in order to become registered professionals.

        Prior to achieving such profession, nursing students are required to enroll themselves in a review center to boost their knowledge and analytical skills and, master all the concepts that may appear in the board exam; making them well-equipped and more confident in answering questions sensitive to the licensure exam.

        Shield Professionals Review and Training Center, being the catalyst of innovation, leadership and excellence in various career and profession, is the premiere institution that serves as a renowned producer of globally competitive professionals. It aims to provide quality and affordable review and training programs, seminars, and workshops that will effectively prepare learners towards a successful licensure examination, personal and spiritual growth, career and professional development.


ShieldPro is managed by competent, credible, and professional registered nurse educators; both staff and administrators. One of the programs of ShieldPro is to provide its clients a very remarkable and fulfilling professional relationship between its students and staff. Such positive relationship fosters caring and nurturing to all learners that may have them feel that they are being well-taken care of.


        The respondents of this study are the students/reviewees of Shield Professional Review and Training Center. These learners came from different colleges and universities that offered Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Most of the respondents are first timers or fresh graduates while the other participants are retakers.

        These learners came from different places and just met each other to achieve their common goal which is to pass and top the licensure examinations and become professional registered nurses. At first, they were hesitant and full of doubts about many things including their strengths and weaknesses; thinking and feeling that they do not have the capacity or ability that they can pass the exam.

        It is the responsibility of the review center; more specifically its staff to take care, nourish, guide and help students to focus on the right track, know their responsibilities and prioritize what is more important while they are preparing for the exam battlefield. Every participant has different personalities and behaviors that is why it is imperative for the staff to know specifically what approaches should be provided to them in order to maintain a professional and harmonious relationships.

        These learners’ knowledge, skill, and attitude are monitored and supervised by the staff in order to gauge their comprehension and understanding of the different topics of the review. Every day, the participants are given sets of exams and rationalizations are provided to better explain how or why the answers were relevant to the questions.



This case study will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of student-staff engagement program of Shield Professionals Review and Training Center and how it can increase the motivation, understanding, and success of the learners in their licensure examinations. I believe that the result of this scrutiny will also benefit the following:

Nursing Reviewees. This case study could help the nursing reviewees appreciate the efforts, guidance, devotion, and commitment of the staff that may help them gain confidence applicable in the licensure exam.

Nurse Educators. This case study could serve as a guide in understanding the different needs of the students. Through this case study, the staff as the adviser or mentor will have an increased level of awareness to modify their program so that it can further benefit their students. By understanding the different approaches to their students with regards to their education, advisers or mentors could be able to assess their student’s capabilities and may help them to achieve their main objective, which is to give optimum education for their students.

College of Nursing (CN). The information from this case study will provide the colleges of nursing appropriate knowledge, to guide its members or staff regarding improvement in their teaching strategies and what should be appropriate to be done when it comes to dealing with the specific needs of the student. Such knowledge helps CN assess the effectiveness of each staff in handling their subordinates, especially the nursing students.

They may also gather ideas from this case study that could serve as a guide for certain policies or standards the college is planning to implement and also helps to direct their members to action, efficiently and competently.

Nursing Research. Through the conclusions of this case study, other researchers can have a basis to their study for further improvement of necessary data that will contribute to the new existence of the study regarding student-staff engagements. The case study will serve as their background and guiding principle in doing their own research or case study. This case study will tell them what is still in need to be further studied.


In every organization, there will always be challenges or issues that will arise depending on how the information was disseminated to all the people that is involved, how it will be implemented, who will implement the program, and why it should be implemented.



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