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Relationship Between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

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Essay Preview: Relationship Between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

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Relationship between performance management and performance appraisal

To be effective at evaluating an employee's performance it is imperative for a supervisor to understand the entire performance management and appraisal process. The performance appraisal (PA) is the strength of performance management (PM), it is a tool used to measure performance management , the primary goal of an appraisal is PM. On the other hand PM is the process used to measure performance. The two work hand in hand and they are related .The idea that appraisals are just one element in the process of improving employee performance is nothing new, setting goals, training employees and appraising rewarding process through which companies ensure that employees are working towards organizational goals the whole integrated process is PM.

Performance appraisal is a necessary part of a performance management. . PA has many facets. It is an exercise in observation and judgment, it is a feedback process and it is an organizational intervention. It is a measurable process as well as intensely emotional process. Above all it is an inexact, human process . Performance management translates organizational goals into individual, team and unit goals. PM also helps to clarify the organizational goals, provides a process for measuring outputs compared with objectives but also examines the inputs needed to achieve objectives. PM is a continuous and evolutionary process and achieves improvement over time, it encourages self management of individual performance, relies on consensus and cooperation rather than control or coercion. It is strongly associated with development and especially identifying what development is needed.

The connection between performance appraisals and performance management can never be argued, the primary goal of an appraisal is performance management. Both the two, PA and PM lead to improved performance, achievement of organizational goals and facilitate the optimal use of resources. Performance appraisals destroys team work and performance management manage the performance and teams that form part of it and also reward team performance as part of overall compensation, this clearly shows the linkage. PM uses an open collaborative and considers employees needs and purpose to compensate for the fear, reduced productivity and motivation caused by performance appraisals.

In most cases PA lack management commitment, inappropriate culture and PM is designed in such a way that it will implement performance management as an organizational development intervention. Where PA's measuring of objectives or standards foster mediocrity PM is there to set and measure goals aimed at planning and improving the system, using customer and mission criteria also using job related and behavior based scales to facilitate performance planning and employee coaching. PA performance rating system



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