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To begin with, this essay started explaining about people's interest in ideas and how some of them focus their attention on some issues which are more relevant but do not necessarily mean that they are more acceptable as cogent mentioning not only how Bertrand Russell explained why he wasn't a Christian but also citing a lawyer when he decides to read his laws to prove that these ideas do not inevitably suggest judgment of quality. These ideas may be prescribed by needs or the mere tendency of people to ponder about things.

This essay then explicates by and large the influence of culture. Carlos P. Romulo cited the Americanization of Europe and the Europeanization of America to substantiate the influence of culture.

Moreover, it described how America started of as European but soon it began to disapprove of the high culture which was a term coined for Europe and how from then come to influence Europe in return.

It also mentioned how impossible it is not to regard America's politics and its cultural influences during those times.

Great Britain's culture is founded on its experience as an Empire and that even in the Philippine educational system with the books prescribed for reading in high schools and colleges, it was portrayed as such.

To sum up, Carlos P Romulo believes that (perhaps even these days) even English poets would not dare declare that there will always be an England.


Critical Essay

It presented the ideas in an argumentative manner, aimed at presenting objective analysis of the interest in ideas, narrowed down to a single topic which is the influence of culture. It's main idea was to provide an opinion of positive or negative implication. His argument was fairly adequately supported with evidence, relevant to the point.

Definition essay

Definition essay writing demands writers to present a meaning of a term that goes beyond the objective definition offered in the dictionary. Essay writers need to provide a more focused and exact description of the term than what is offered in reference sources and this essay defined what influence of culture and what interest in ideas meant.

Division approach

This is the essay falls under the division approach since the essay thesis was narrowed down into a small part.

The order of development was successful, the paragraphs were organized well and there was a logical organization of evidence.

Style and Correctness

Style refers to the overall style of the essay: the reflective tone was appropriate during the time that this essay was written,



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