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Reseach Methology - Data Collection Method

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Description of data collection method.

In understanding our research , we have used two types of data sources, they are primary data and secondary data. We did 20 literature reviews based on academic research and online database. We have also conducted survey to get better insight on this topic. The primary data for this research were collected through a structured questionnaire. We used random sample to conduct this suevey. The respondents are mainly from IIUM students as our research objective to get to know the perception of IIUM students about Chinese products. We have choosed questionnaires as our instrument because it is the commonm instrument used to collect primary data. In our questionnaire we have closed- end questions and open- end questions.

Sample deternimation.

Our sample for this research are IIUM students. Sample size for our research are 100 students from various kuliyyah's. The main reason we choosed the IIUM students is because we would like to know the response from the students regarding the chinese products. We have distributed the questionnaire evenly, 50 males and 50 females.

Data measurement scale.

The types of scale used to conduct this research are nominal, ordinal and likert scale. Most of the question we did nominal scale and questions about age, expenditure, chinese technology advancement and durability of chinese product, we used ordinal and likert scale.

Analyzing procedure.

We analyzed the data using SPSS software. We used the factor analysis to check the validity of the questions before running other analytical tools. We did KMO analysis as well to measure the adequateness of the sample. Descriptive analysis is also done to know the frequency of mean, standard deviation and mode. Apart from that we did corelation to find if there is any relationship between the two (2) variables: independent and dependent variables. If there is no co -relation between the variables, then regression is not in need. In our research we did regression and and ANNOVA test.

Hypothesis development.

We have developed few variables for our research. Among the variables are: gender, nationality, age and expenditure. At the end we came out with four different hypothesis that relates to the perception of IIUM students towards the chinese products in terms of affordability, quality, helath and also about the technology in China. Below are the hypothesis of the study:

* The relevance between gender and affordabilty, quality, health of chinese products.

* The relevance between nationality and affordability, quality, health of chinese products

* The relevance between age and affordability, quality, helath of chinese



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