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Research Proposal Assignment

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KNR 497: Introduction to Research Methodology Fall 2012

Research Proposal Assignment (Worth 20% of course grade)

Subject Headers and Content (Follow this Structure in your paper)


Choose a brief title that identifies the research question being investigated. Typically, you will name the independent and dependent variable(s), and some characteristic of the population.


Summarize the theoretical background for the study. I will be looking for a focus in this review of literature that adopts a strong critical perspective. Do not just describe what the paper/papers you have read 'do.' do not just describe what the authors state their results mean (by all means state this, but also try to state whether you agree and why or why not). Throughout the review, look for other interpretations/omissions. Given that your research question will have grown out of a shortcoming in the current research (most likely in just one paper), the purpose of this introduction will be to convince me that this shortcoming is real and needs remediation, and to present other relevant research (if necessary) that supports your interpretation of the problem. The rationale should flow clearly to your experimental hypothesis.


Clearly state your experimental hypothesis (NOT a null hypothesis)

One recommended structure for this part of the proposal is as follows:

1. A quick introduction to the primary focus of the target paper - give the conceptual background of the relationship they are examining

2. Summarize what the target article did - how did they go about examining the relationship presented in (1)?

3. Identify the alteration you are recommending to the target article and provide your supporting rationale for this alteration. If possible, some form of research evidence should be considered as a part of this rationale.

4. State your hypothesis for this altered version of the article.

Read This First

Deadline: Last day of class.

Format: The paper should be typed; font size 12; 1" margins on all sides; double spaced throughout; follow the section headers given below. Make sure you follow an approved citation format for the paper - the same one as used in your target article may be the most appropriate, though I prefer APA.

Length: Introduction/rationale: Max. 5-6 pages; Methods: Max. 1 page; Expected Results: Max.1 page.

Content: See below for specific guidelines.



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