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Responsibility Towards the Natural World

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Essay Preview: Responsibility Towards the Natural World

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Responsibility towards the natural world

In this wonderful world, we have enormous source of natural beauty. Those natural beauties comprise of lakes, rivers, vegetation, mountains, valleys, landscape, and the incredible wildlife that inhabit all. Along with all natural resources that cover this vast world, the question develops what is our personal responsibility toward the natural world? As we are all inhabitants in this world, I think that personal obligation regarding nature in this world must exist in the people. "And if the wilderness is our true home, and if it is threatened with invasion, pillage, and destruction- as it certainly is- then we have the right to defend that home, as we would our private quarters, by whatever means are necessary" (Missy James and Alan P Merickel. "Reading Literature and Writing Argument": Edward Abbey, Eco-Defense. Fourth Edition. Longman. Print. ). I believe that it should be within all of human beings to care for our home and natural resources surrounded by or otherwise we should be ready to feel the guilt of its end. Some of us might feel that common people have no authority to influence actions that consist of saving the natural resources, and it is the responsibility of politicians and government to decide. We should believe that government is not the only one which will enjoy the resources of nature. We can see daily that environmentalist is trying to protect our natural resources and on the other hand industries, business and organizations that profit off trading those natural resources. These businesses are turning those resources into money-making goods that almost all of us consume on a daily basis.

Nature involves all the living and non-living things that are present within the physical world and all the components of the natural world are considerably depend on each other. Among all the living things, human beings decisively depend on the features of nature for his survival. Keeping this in mind, it is our duty to ensure that the natural world remains undamaged so that we will get the benefit from it regularly. Some of the resources like natural gas, oil, land, coal, food supplies from plants and many more which are supplied by nature are beneficial to us. Animals too are part of the nature and should not be forgotten as they also provide various resources, which are very much important in keeping us alive. Human life relies on natural resources because it also represents the building blocks. Apart from the fact that we have lots of advantage from the natural world, it is our duty of ensuring the nature cohabits in a way that human actions will not constrain natural processes. Protecting nature is a form of paying rewards to ourselves rather than pleasing nature. One of the main reasons for why we have accountability towards the nature that is surrounded by and control of mankind is that the natural resources assured to reduction. Irrespective of how we use the resources, one day they will not be available, the question would be how soon. For this, we must therefore, look after the little existing natural resources so as to evade their depletion in the coming future.

Biodiversity is one of the important elements of the nature and its removal has severe impacts to mankind. Biodiversity loss is generally because of human activities,



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