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Review in American History Anne Moody

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Essay Preview: Review in American History Anne Moody

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In Anne Moody's book, she discussed several changes that took place that were effective in changing the race relations. One such incident that she wrote about was when Wilkinson County became a recipient of the new " Separate but Equal" schools that were built throughout the south as a result of the 1954 Supreme Court Decision. The law allowed blacks to be able to have access to new schools and to have equal privileges as whites would have in obtaining an adequate school building. However, Moody goes on to say how blacks were bragging on how the whites had to give them a beautiful building now that this law was implemented, but they were really dumb in accepting it. She felt that the only reason why whites was so nice in allowing blacks to have new school buildings was because they were protecting their own schools. And despite the fact that blacks may have a shiny new building, it was no comparison to what the whites have in their schools with the best teachers, better equipment, and more state money.Anne was becoming prejudice against whites and lighter-skin blacks after being a victim of prejudice herself. Her prejudice almost costs her some important opportunities. her prejudice also changes her, she becomes a more suspicious person.

I feel that when blacks where getting new schools to keep them from integrating with the whites was a good and bad thing. I believe that the whites had all the materials that they need to get a fair education. On the other hand blacks just had a new building. Black students knew at their own schools they would be safe. The blacks doing this era just like before them went through a lot just to be treated equal. Blacks continue to fight for their rights over and over again but I believe we are almost there. I am glad to know and sadden to know that our black ancestors went threw a lot just to get where we are today. Yes we are tried of this fight for equality but it is worth all the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors to win this battle.



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