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Role of Social Media in Organizations

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Essay Preview: Role of Social Media in Organizations

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Final Project Proposal

Management information system

Summer 1I 2017

Fitchburg State University

Professor Kay Kim

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Title:         Role of Social Media in Organizations

  1. Background and Significance

From my understanding with technology, the myth of using social media in our daily lives has slightly become not just collective but also universal. While some use them for personal entertainment feature there are lot of corporations who have grasped the advance creativity and influence of social medias. Looking through the background, social media, has been around within short term and even though one possibly can’t visualize living without it now, except when it wasn’t invented. In our present lives, technology which introduced social media covers a lot of social websites, all ranging the same but somewhat different persistence. The significance role of social media has remodeled firms with huge benefits by technical marketing targets and its heavy growth in the competition of pertinent to attract its audience.  Those were the past when every individual including business send messages through a messenger or administrator to deliver across employers and outside units. With our modern-day use of technology intervention, it helps enable employee communication, which encourages mindfulness and supports employees comprehend the roles and tasks of staff members in other departments. This helps staffs sense a complete part of the whole, collective workers faster at their rightful departments. This paper will conduct the effectual advantage of implementing social media in an organization. The role of social media at work places are now a considerable part of higher marketing strategy, and the advantages of using social media are countless that whoever not implementing this cost-effective routine is behind a remarkable marketing prospects. Before one think of setting up a business, there should be a goal to acknowledge a better customer standard. knowing that client’s overall satisfaction and merchandise consistency naturally go hand in hand, it is mandatory with business leaders to bond with every customer.  Social media is not just beneficial branding of goods and marketing but rather support every clients with an idea of an individual connecting with a service or a company. From my perspective, social media campaigns are becoming more effective because of its capability to link and reach targeted clients virtually without any time wasted. For example, an online retailer needs to invest in the right talent acquisition. This is to whether the organization is new or has developed to the point of managing a well-established consumer base, it is a significant way of staying up to date with the most present advertising campaigns and knowledge for their retail business.  

  1. Research Background and Objectives

With the little knowledge, I have with the usage of technology, it indicates that Social media has originated a lengthy way since its initiation. It is undisputable that social media has become a massive icon of modern society. Corporate officials however, has expressly been obstructed by the application of social media. As social media continues to grow as a promotion merit, many businesses within the country and globally have merged social media into their regular routine service, better customer relation, marketing and expansion of services. When we consider the traditional method of promoting a business, business owners had the common ability, where the customers had to select the limited number of products and services from the business setting. The modernized internet based communication have impacted in a way that the voice of the customer speaks volume of the company than before.  Though, since firms have combined social media marketing, the traditional style of marketing strategies have lowered in standard because businesses and consumers are relying daily on social media. Social media is impacting with higher standard features in a way many businesses deals with their teams, customers and outside audience, it helps offers new prospects for authorities to generate and participate with their investors. From the advancement with every day use of technology, Social media will continue to remain a helpful tool to business owners without any form of exist, the tool will help them generates desire revenues when hard work is in effect but same time depend on the organization to exploit harder if they want to meet their standards. Business leaders should consider training most of their staffs to engage more actively on their social media network. The role of Social media now has great accessibility on how data is stored, retrieved and replaced. Thus, corporations need to put in the effort of acquiring new methods in organizational statement, although it can easily develop vital tools of establishing messages across the globe. It is clearly that the usage of social media in business is beneficial and same time influential but company owners must know that the benefits to generate higher business goals will determine daily hard work and not just poor branding. This research paper will discuss the usage of social media benefits and detailed effects on organizations. Organization consist of many firms but will the little experience from my healthcare background. The description of this paper is to offer a detailed information for the following questions regarding the role of social media in an organization:

  1. Why are companies utilizing the usage social media?  
  2. How are business tying social media action back to their business goals?
  3. Which platforms the business is present on?
  4. What tools must one use to attract individuals?
  5. How did they find their segments on social media?
  6. How do companies manage social media to ensure desired outcomes?

  1. Research Description

When it comes to businesses, the growth should emphasis on its effectiveness of clients and their staff members. Practically, most firms in the United States are implementing social media in their organizations. According to the research, social media activities for organizations builds a great relationship between their clients and competitors. Business utilize the usage in social media to creates a genuine volume of data about their customers in efficient way. The common social networking sites has a marketing stronghold that impact firm’s disposition. It has become a standstill for most business owner’s due to its ability to link and reach targeted audiences globally without time hassling and effort. There are major strategies that businesses can focus on with the conception of brand outlines on social media such as Facebook fan pages and inspired commercials through registered podcasts and applications which is popularly known as apps on most smart phones. For example, an organization like healthcare industry utilize an effective method of sharing information with patients and new members through virtual marketing and communication approaches. From my perspective, most individuals heavily depend on information found on the internet such as advertising general information about seasonal flu shots and many ways to stay protected. In a line of technology savvy, Most specialist and their clinics have Facebook fan pages with ratings, many individuals seek information through social media that supports the searching of family medicine, specialists and clinics to make knowledgeable choices on the best practices to pursue care., With health care system authorities utilize social media to ensure desired outcomes by spending time assessing their competitors to have an insight idea of the service offered and overall patient satisfaction. I have worked in the healthcare industry for years and witnessed how their outcomes are met. Firstly, they will compare different practices and their social media involvements, managers and team leader will have the capability to use other practice method to improve their own. From my findings, consistency is one of the keys to a positive social media campaign. As an organization, it will be uncooperative for them not to be present. It is free to sign up and put business directly with potential clients without spending excessive amounts of money on promotion while staying in touch with existing clients.  When social media is in use, it links to the right audiences. According to the research conducted, it is an organization responsibility to create a social media account with right logo or brand on it. In terms of attracting consumers, honesty and detailed explanation of brand should be highly in bold letters without doubtless. One must consider their current followers on social media and search for influencers there as well. A tool called Klout should be in usage due to its enlightenment about which followers has the most influence. Twello and Tracker are both a great tool for businesses to acknowledge and recognize followers. Another guideline is share quality content published by those influencers which requires a little research but also crucial if one want to attract industry Gurus. Content curation precedes the process, which means making known content formulated by other individuals that contributes to target audience. Curating and sharing published content enables one to attract attention of influencers which puts them on the radar of any influencer whose content you share and enable them to express their appreciation on Twitter or precise message which opens the door to conversations with them and formulating a relationship. Engaging with influencers across social media and email is also another next which entail finding and adding your influencers on LinkedIn which remains conducive to networking. Furnishing feedback on a current article they’ve published or reaching out to them in their various email to applaud them. The objective is for an organization to simply build a relationship and not for them to follow you. Twitter can grant one access to networking opportunities. Hashtags are the new influential tool for many conferences and trade shows which is specifically assigned for events. Hashtags usage will enable one follow people in their industry while they’re on site. Once one has made these connections, it will enable them to have great reason to connect on twitter. Daily interactions with customers is a display of good faith for other customers as well. After a product have been complimented or bragged by people, they looked up to social media. YouTube platform is another tool that has develop over the years. Currently, it is the biggest searching tool used globally. YouTube is primary a video sharing site that advertise for businesses and individuals. 



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