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Rule of Three

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Essay Preview: Rule of Three

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Rule of Three:

The window-once said on the basketball court and multiple times in the school cafeteria

BMW- said multiple times when the man came to deliver things to the window

Mr. Johansson- repeated multiple times when man delivers stuff to William Forrester.

Dramatic question:

Who is the man in the window?

Why does Jamal act as if he doesn't know the answers to the questions the teachers asking?

Will he attend the private school?

The Premise: A teenager named Jamal Wallace doesn't know what to do wit his life, he finds a mentor in a retired author and both learn a great deal from each other as Jamal continues to realize his talent of writing.


Ordinary world- in the beginning as the movie starts of with Jamal playing basketball with his friends. He goes to a messed up school. He's confused about his life and what he has to do.

Special world- goes to an amazing new school. Meets the man in the window and finds out its William Forrester. He learns great things from him. His professor, Professor Crawford doesn't like him very much. William and Jamal teach each other many things. William Forrester passes away and leaves something new for Jamal.

Ordinary world- he goes back to his friends and starts playing basketball. The window man is no longer in his life anymore.


1) Argument between Jamal and William after he submits in the New Yorker title.

INT-LIVING ROOM-DAY, the scene's function is to create a sort of tension amongst the two characters. It's showing how they both are to each other. Jamal does nothing and keeps his word and William realizes what he has to do.

2) There was a voice over at the ending, when Jamal reads the letter William Forrester has left for him.

Archetypal characters:

Hero- Jamal Wallace

Jamal is the hero because he is the main character of the story. He is confused about what he wants and along the way realizes what he's best at and what he has to do. He used to be a nobody but becomes a somebody.

Mentor- William Forrester

Teaches the hero what things are important. William is the supporting role, meaning her supports the hero and guides him.

Threshold Guardian- Claire Spence

She becomes a friend but she is rich girl and her father is the one of the directors



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