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Security Measures

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Essay Preview: Security Measures

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Security Measures

Best Buys is the largest electronic retail store within the United States. It generates over $250 million dollars each year and has approximately 180,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees working for them (Best Buys FAQ.com). Employee theft cost organizations such as Best Buys over $2 million each year. Employee theft also causes 1 in 3 organizations to declare bankruptcy. Organizations such as Best Buys need to employ specific security measure to help prevent, detour and reduce the risk of employee theft.

The first security measure that Best Buys can implement is Pre-employment Screening. Pre-employment screening is the first line of defense to prevent employee theft. Pre-employment screening helps to alert organizations of an individual criminal background, previous employment history, character reference history, drug history and overall integrity. It is essential that Best Buys screens all there potential employees to help reduce the risk of employee theft.

The second security measure that Best Buys can implement is Loss Prevention Associates or Security Guards. The presents of security guards or loss preventions associates can help reduce or prevent employee theft, due to the fact that the presence of these individuals will assist in changing the minds of employees that may want to steal items.

Thirdly, security cameras and alarms is the most common way to prevent employee theft. It is essential that Best Buys has security cameras in alarms in place not only in areas where customers are, but also in areas such as over cash registers, employee parking lot, employee entrance and exit, break-room, as well as storage areas where expensive merchandise is stored.

Lastly, Security Tags and Sensors are can be used as Best Buys final line of defense of preventing employee theft. Due to the fact the Best Buys has millions of dollars' worth of merchandise within the reach of their employees, it is essential that they place security tags or sensors on all items that cost more than $75 dollars. Security tag and sensors will alert management and other sales personal if merchandise is removed from it's authorized without payment.


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