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Segregation of Boys and Girls in Schools

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Essay Preview: Segregation of Boys and Girls in Schools

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Imagine if students grades would increase, bad conduct would decrease and students would be able to focus more. Would that not be helpful in securing a good education of every student? Yes! Segregating schools by sex may be how all of these things can be accomplished. Segregating schools has been tested before, it would allow test scores to be enriched, teachers have said they enjoy teaching same- sex classrooms a lot more and students will be more comfortable, they would be accommodated based on their needs. All schools should teach males and females in separate but equal classrooms.

Males and females should should be educated in separate but equal classrooms. A good example of why this is necessary is that test scores are raised simply by segregating boys and girls. "In one three-year pilot project in Florida, boys in a coed class scored 37 percent on the state standardized test, while those in a boys-only class scored 85 percent. The girls' scores jumped too: from 59 percent to 75 percent." This evidence clearly states that test scores will improve. An additional fact is that teachers enjoy teaching same sex classrooms rather than a classroom with both males and females. "Teachers by large, seem to love it. They say they spend less time on discipline, and are better able to engage their students." When males and females are being educated in one classroom it makes it enjoyable for a teacher to teach and with that more work will get done. A final great example is if we segregate females and males and educate them in separate classrooms, students would be accommodated to their needs making school more comfortable and enjoyable for them. "Some of the most successful all-boys classrooms have been those in which boys are allowed to move around. He cites one classroom that uses desks that can be raised or lowered, so boys can lie on the floor, sit, or stand while they do work. Girls' classrooms, meanwhile can encourage quiet study, which some say is intrinsic to female behavior and caters to girls' strengths". Males and females have different learning styles, when these learning styles are accommodated to their needs they will be more comfortable and will take in more of what they are being taught in school. To reemphasize, everyone can benefit if we separate males and females. Grades will be enriched, teachers will enjoy teaching more, and students will be more comfortable in same-sex classrooms.

Separating females and males has been proven to be effective. Grades increase, bad discipline decreases, teachers enjoy teaching more, and students will feel more comfortable in an environment which is accommodated to their needs. Why would we keep educating boys and girls together, when all of that can be accomplished? We have all heard the phrase "Students from today are the future of tomorrow" If students are the future then we need to segregate males and females and



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