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The Differences During Adolescence Between Boys and Girls

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Essay Preview: The Differences During Adolescence Between Boys and Girls

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The Differences During Adolescence Between Boys and Girls

Puberty is a time in a child's life when their body changes and also the child start developing new emotions and enhancing the emotions that already present. Going from childhood to adolescence is one of the biggest changes that an individual will go through. Puberty is the beginning of adulthood for children.

Male Adolescence

The average boy will start puberty after they have turned nine years old and it will and will continue until right around the age of 14 (Steinberg, 2002). The average teen grows somewhere in the vicinity of one foot during puberty (Steinberg, 2002). Makes will tend to grow to a greater height then females and at a more rapid pace than that of a female. As a male goes through puberty and his growth spurts, he will start to gain muscle and muscle weight. Physically a boy changes in a certain sequence when entering into puberty. The first changes will come physically to boys sexual organs and these changes are the first indicators of puberty. These changes come about even before the boy even goes into a growth spurt. After the changes to the child's sexual organs then the child will start to experience the growth spurt. Along with the growth spurt comes the growth of the sexual organs and hair on the face. And finally the final change to a boy would be his voice getting deeper and more profound than it was before.

Female Adolescence

The average female will enter into puberty staring around age seven and puberty will continue until the age of 13 (Steinberg, 2002). Females also experience a growth spurt during puberty and typically this growth spurt occurs somewhere around two years before a male will enter into their growth spurt (Steinberg, 2002). While the males gain muscle during puberty a female will gain body fat as opposed to muscle. The female puberty begins with a girl's breasts growing and acquiring hair in the pubic area. But these coincide with the growth spurt that the girl is going through. A girl will then receive her first menstrual cycle but this does not occur until the girl is reaching the end of the growth spurt and the end of puberty.

Differences. . When it comes to a child's ethnicity it does have a factor on how and when puberty will come upon a child. Females of African American decent will begin and end puberty at an earlier age and a faster rate than a Caucasian female will. When it comes to different ethnic groups and the experiencing of puberty there is very little difference in the height or weight difference from beginning to end among the children. Among the children there was also no increase in the amounts of hormones that were excreted. The actual timing of puberty and the pace of puberty can directly affect the way a child will turn out emotionally. The processes



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