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The Boys and Girls Club of America

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Essay Preview: The Boys and Girls Club of America

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When I think of positive community social organizations that help

and shape our nation, I think of programs that are developed to plan for the

future. When I think of the future, I think of those who will be around to shape

the development of our future. Where better to start than with the kids.

Growing up in our world today has to be one of the most difficult experiences

for children to endure with the current situations affecting our nation. The

world has been at war for many years now and poverty is at it's highest. Having

a safe and productive place for children to gather to be encouraged happens to

be my ideal community social organization. In this paper, I will give a brief

outline of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

In most communities, children are always seeking to find

recreation. This normally occurs during their down time during the summer

months and once school has let out for the evening. When I was growing up,

my mother worked long hours and had to find ways to ensure that my sibling and

myself were supervised. Nine times out of ten, most children are left alone at

home to fend for themselves. The Boys and Girls Club was developed to assist

parents but at the same time ensure that children are aware that they are cared



The cause of the Boys and Girls club was first developed in the

1860's by a group of woman from Hartford Connecticut and was aimed to get

young boys off of the streets. It became a nationwide movement in 1906 when

the club was affiliated. In 1931 the club became the Boys Club of America. In

1990 the charter that the club received in 1956 was amend to include girls as

apart as this positive movement. In 2006, the Boys and Girls Club of America

celebrated 100 years of providing service, hope and empowering opportunities to

young people throughout the country.

This organizations structure and purpose is very simple. It

provides a safe place to grow and learn, ongoing relationships



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