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Should the World Wide Web Be Censored? (speech)

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Essay Preview: Should the World Wide Web Be Censored? (speech)

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"The World Wide Web needs to be censored by the government" (for)

Hi, I'm here today to convince you why the World Wide Web SHOULD be censored by the government.

First off, the World Wide Web is defined as; an Internet-based system for the retrieval of information from distributed servers by use of a client or browser. The World Wide Web supports text, graphics and multimedia, and is a key medium for communication, business and entertainment in the Networked World.

There are many ways of accessing the World Wide Web now that technology is developing, you can go to internet cafes, use it via your mobile phone, free Wi-Fi areas or even in the comfort of your own home. The World Wide Web has many uses; it provides a form of communication, entertainment, information and networking systems for businesses around the world.

Although with all its positive virtues it comes at a price on societies values.

Over one billion people use the World Wide Web each and every day and in Australia alone, of the 21 million people we have here, 17 million people use the World Wide Web each day, according to the Oceania Statistics for September 30, 2009.

Although much of this number do not use the World Wide Web appropriately, with paedophiles getting smarter and using the internet in order to attract and lure more young children into their trap, people who are distributing child pornography through the internet, violent imagery and terrorist acts, these things are gradually getting worse and the numbers, in all these cases, are rising.

Paedophiles are generally older men but can also be older women as, stereotypically, middle-aged and married, looking for a young and innocent mind to harass. These people tend to go under false information, such as, being a younger age, closer to that of the child they are trying to trap, a different gender and tend mainly to be found on chat sites. In August 2006, The Age, reported the results of a Justice Department study showing that one in seven children who use the Internet have been sexually seduced, one in three has been exposed to unwanted sexual material and one in 11 has been harassed. These statistics are horrifying and disturbing; imagine if this continues to go on any longer the number will increase, censoring the World Wide Web would hopefully help to prevent such things occurring.

Just a few years ago police thought those who upload child pornography was bad enough, being a few thousand, but boy were they wrong, today there are literally millions of these images being tossed back and forth via the World Wide Web. Child pornography is a serious and ever growing issue, with more and more of these people viewing and loading photographs of children, even babies onto the internet, for their own enjoyment. it is just sickening and something needs to be done about it, that is why the internet should be censored in order to protect these young children and to protect those young children who use the world wide web and to further prevent them of accidently coming across such material.

Think about it, imagine how many paedophiles, are out there, right now as I speak, luring and trapping young children or uploading child pornography? I can tell you now there are probably a few hundred, maybe thousands of people sitting behind a computer screen seducing young children who don't know any better, who don't know right



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