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Creative Essay on Self

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Creative Essay

Although I am not the class President, or the inventor of anything, I do believe that my life so far has been meaningful and exciting. From my freshman year of high school, to my sophomore year in college, I have learned who I truly am. I have also learned who my true friends are, and how to distinguish honest people from a crowd. My college experience so far has been filled with stressful moments and exciting moments.

I am currently attending Rowan University. I am taking classes to purse my degree in criminal justice. Along with cramming for finals and studying, this past year has been an exciting and eventful year. I have had experiences that have helped me grow as a man and I am thankful for that. I was very involved in athletics at Point Pleasant Boro High School, my former high school. I played on the varsity football team for four years and on the varsity wrestling team for four years.

While on the football team, we won our first state championship for Point Pleasant Boro in thirty three years and that experience has had the most impact on my life. Like many schools, football is considered the premiere sport at Point Pleasant Boro High School. In 2005, we defeated the defending state champions in the semi-finals and went on to the finals to face Camden High School. To this day, I can still smell the fresh cut grass and the bitter wind chill. I played the game like it was any other and tried to ignore the mounting crowd of fans from Camden. We were a team that was undefeated who had something to lose by being there. With our hard work and, determination we came out victorious in a blow out 43-0. After the win everyone in the stands stormed the field to join the celebration. Thinking about the moment still gives me goose bumps because how proud it makes me feel.

While on the wrestling team, we won our first state championship in school history. The match was in our home gym where people crammed in too attend. To this day, I can still remember our team being down by four points and I was the next match. As the crowd was roaring, I stepped onto the mat and my coach slapped me in the face and said "We need a pin". As the crowd was chanting my name I conquered my match with a pin in less then a minute to lift up my teammates to result in a state championship.

From this experience, I have learned to regard every life experience as if I have nothing to lose and so much to gain through the experience itself. I have learned to fight for what is right for you to accomplish your dreams. The responsibility of once being a player and now changing to being a full time student, at first a challenging task. But, I was able to adjust through my experience on my sports teams that every situation in life should be regarded with having nothing to lose and everything to gain from the experience itself.



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