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World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web (commonly known a "The Web" ) began as a new way for computers to communicate with each other through the sharing of information. However in the last two decades since its developments, it has affected more than communication between machines but revolutionized the way people live. It has become a common medium for education, entertainment, shopping, social networking, and anything else which may involve an exchange of information. Twenty years ago, when Tim Berner's Lee put forward the proposal which lead to the creation of the World Wide Web ( Garden,2009), he designed the Web for a seemingly simple purpose of sharing information between computers. However,

Berner's - Lee had a vision for the World Wide Web attached to this purpose. This report will investigate what Berner's - Lee ultimate vision for the Web was, and find out how much of it has been developed through a comparison with Today's World Wide Web. It will also discuss how business will need to adapt in the next ten years to take advantage of the Web.

Initial Goal and Purpose:

Berner's Lee's vision of the Web was comprised of both his initial goal and long term objectives for the web's development. The goal of the Web was to create a showed information space through which people and machines could communicate ( Berner's -Lee,1996). This was an immediate solution to the problem of incompatibility between computer system, networks, disk formats, data formats and character-encording schemes experienced in the 1980. On a more direct personal level the Web was Berner's - Lee's...



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