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Social Case

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1. How do individuals develop social bonds and exchange relationships?

We as humans need that social exchange and relationship...good or bad. Humans develop bonds and exchanges are made when the human can benefit from the relationship. People that are power hungry become world leaders, bosses and people in high ranking in society. People who are weak become the abuse and the ones that are used by the powerful to get to where they are going. Then there are people in the middle that go either way. Humans need to interact with others, if not we become shut ins and fall off the earth, then we have the social butterflies, that want to be friends with everyone and do anything to help or hinder another person's life.

3. How do individuals construct their everyday lives?

Humans can construct their lives daily to fit the normal of what is going on in the world around them. Humans are creators of habits. We sleep when our body tells us, or not and crash later. We have a job we do all most the same thing every day. We drive the same way home and to work. Humans don't really go off their path they have set in life. Humans need to feel safe and making sure that what they have will stay.

4. How are gender inequalities created and maintained?

Gender inequalities are created from bias, men can do it better or women can do it better, and they are maintained from being passed on to the next generation throughout the years, It wasn't until the 1940's we saw women in the work place in the industrial jobs, they only held office jobs or stay at home mothers, but due to World War II, women had to step in the male roles to help the men on the front line.

7. Explain the responsibilities of citizens in a society.

Citizens of society have rolls that need to be followed. The way we need the society to work in like a well-oiled mechanic, everyone needs a place and needs to full-fill that role to the best of the ability. Women become mothers and men become father (if they chose). Different countries have different responsibilities of their citizens, voting, jobs, and everyday things. Humans need everything made or they make for themselves, clothes, food and etc. Humans also have set laws in place to follow.



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