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Social Issues

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Social Issues

Social Issues are controversial issues which relate to people's lives and interactions. Social issues are distinguished from economic issues, meaning it is irrelevant to what the main or the focus of the issue that should be at hand. Today America is the number one telecast producer of reality television. The question that is rising is "Are the children of today seeking guidance through the lifestyles they are being exposed to on the television screen?" I believe that the social network has gone far beyond what it should be and stand for.

There are too many realities shows and there are no morals that are set for the neither kids nor adults to learn from. The social networks are the breeding place for the drama queens and kings. A huge controversy is the approval of gay marriage in America. I for a long time am not a fan nor do I accept, promote, or stand by that abomination. Men and women were made by God to multiply the land not for them to seek pleasure amongst their own gender. Because of the gay laws many of the teens that are dealing with something that they aren't taught about are committing suicide because they are confused instead of wanting help knowing not it is there they are led to kill themselves.

Therefore being bullied by the kids that have been taught that it is against God's law and their parents but not taught to help those in that trance of mind the lawmakers want to put a penalty on the bullies. Bullies are those kids that common in a location. I don't think I ever remember being bullied in school but I know bullies don't kill you and you can get help from them. Bullies help some kids find courage within themselves by finding the bullies' weaknesses. Not to justify bullying but it shouldn't be made a penalty in the law the root of the issue is the homosexuality. America is bending the law for a issue that doesn't and shouldn't be submerged in our country, state, or nation.



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