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Social Issues

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Resource dilemma, individuals contribute to a resource from which many can benefit. (Feenstra, 2011). Public housing and welfare assistances are public assistances used to help from a temporary state until one can provide a better living means. But most have made it a permanent state. African American and Latinos cultures, they are trapped by negative sanctions like having a low paying or no job nor education but a criminal record; therefore some do not have a desire to move ahead because of the restricted barriers (Korgen & Furst 2012). Those who become homeless or in destitute of food because of hurricane or fire disaster may need these assistances, but if they are already occupied to the level then these resources will not be available.

The prisoner's dilemma is where cooperation yields the best collective outcome and mutual competition results in a poor outcome for both (Feenstra, 2011). Although whites use illegal drugs at a rate roughly equal to the African Americans and Latino, three quarters of those. incarcerated for the drug law violations re non-White. There are more young black in jails and prisons than there are in colleges. Having low economic status it seems as the major cause of crime (Eamon, 2011).

As a result, Feenstra (2011) states, that social dilemma can be eliminated by allowing for communications among the parties, by making cooperation more attractive and self-interested behavior more costly, by making individuals aware of their effect on a common resource, and by using norms that encourage cooperative behavior.



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