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Social Media Drama

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Essay Preview: Social Media Drama

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Feliciano 1

Tianna Feliciano

Mr. Delucia

English Composition 101

11 September 2018

“Social Media Drama”

  Man do I hate social media drama. Well I have a Facebook, Instagram and snapchat account. But let me tell you the drama and how much it annoys me. I just stop going onto social media and posting. You see fake people, people tell lies, and words get misconstrued on social media.

  First of all, you see fake people when drama occurs on social media. While the drama is happening you see who is really there and who isn’t there for you. A personal experience that I went through is a Facebook drama that I was brought into. I saw where my so called “friends” were commenting negative things about me. I thought they were there for me, but now I see them as fake.

  Another thing is that people tell lies on social media. Something could be going on Facebook and while that problem is happening people write false things on social media about other people. A lot of things people write on social media are not always true and they always add on lies to continue the social media drama. On social media drama other people could tell lies about other people like what they do with their personal life, if they work or not, and any personal things they think they may know about somebody’s life.


Feliciano 2

   Last thing I’ve noticed on social media drama is that words get misconstrued.  People like to twist up words when drama is occurring. I could write something and someone could read it the wrong way and take it to another level and start more drama than already is happening. You could mean something one way and someone could read it and take it the whole wrong way. Half of the time you don’t even mean it the way they are reading it, but it’s how they’re reading it from their perspective. Even reposting something that someone else posted people may take it another way.

   Throughout all the social media drama I’ve noticed a lot of different things that annoys me. The most three things that annoys me is fake people, people tell lies and words get misconstrued because that creates the most social media drama. So I’ve just decided to not post, repost, or share anything on any type of social media. I rather just have social media to look at other people’s posts and pictures and don’t write on your own social media accounts it avoids a lot dramas and I’m less annoyed at social media.



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