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Social Media and Technology for Young People

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Essay Preview: Social Media and Technology for Young People

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With the developing of science and technology, an increasing number of young people like to use smart phone or computer to contact others. That’s why social media is becoming a more and more popular way for youth to communicate. As we all know, every coin has two sides. There are many positive and negative effects about whether youth should be use social media. I will discuss two points regarding this issue.

Some people consider that it is a common phenomenon for youth to use the social media and it’s very good for them. Almost each young people have a smart phone. They can connect Internet with their phone and communicate with their friends. Furthermore, using social media can keep in touch with friends. There are so many kinds of social media such as FaceBook, twitter and instagram, which young people usually like to use. Photos, pictures and texts can express their state and mood. From SNS, they know who went to zoo yesterday and they know who watch a movie today. If they like, they would talk with each other whenever with messages or videos. It is a good way to chat with video. They can see each other and express feelings through facial expressions.

On the contrary, some people argue that social media is harmful to teenagers, which maybe damage the body and spirit. It’s easy to cause myopia that youth watch in front of the screen for a long time. What a terrible thing is that they may become Indifference and selfishness. They scare to face the true world and rather like stay in the virtual world. They tend to suffer from mental illness. Secondly, personal privacy cannot be protected in social media. There are many liars in the SNS. The liar pretend nice person to make a scam that make money. Youth must be careful to use that. Finally, the youth don’t know whether the information in the social media is good or not. They can’t distinguish good or bad. For instance, a lot of people cannot refuse the temptation of porn sites. Teenagers may fall the wrong way.

In conclusion, social media is a two edged sword. I would believe that if young people use social media correctly, social media will be more positive than negative. In the future, there is no doubt that social media have facilitated more convenient and greater amount of communication between people.



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