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Sophia Summary Report Essay

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こんにちは。私はりずきです。どうぞよろしくおねがあいします。Well, Nihongo is one of the most precious thing that I got during my Student Exchange Program in which I really began to study my Nihongo at Sophia University in Japan. Anyway my name is Rizkiatul Affifah, student of SAIMS Program for autumn semester 2017-2018. To be honest, I never thought to be an exchange student especially in Japan but when my faculty in my home university offered this opportunity, I just apply it without hesitated even though I felt a little bit scared but because I had curiosity with the unique of cultures, education, histories, and the life in Japan. In fact, I do only a little research about studying in Japan because I don’t want to expect too much before I come to Japan because I want to feel the challenges and adventures that are waiting for me here. Studying at Sophia University is such an outstanding opportunity for me.

My first month here is a little bit tough for me especially in communicating with local people using Nihongo as most of local do not speak English, the foods which hardly to find the Halal but that is not a big problem because we used to cook in our dormitory. And it was going really well in the next month, I really enjoyed learned many things here.

Well, in Sophia University I took 3 classes which is Japanese 1, TDHD and Strategic Management. I have two or three classes a day from Monday to Friday. The teachers were pretty amazing, I enjoyed every classes that I attend. It was really great to be in a class attended by many people that have different background, cultures and interest. I’m glad that I can get a lot of new friends which is coming from different country.

I have so many unforgettable experiences and moments here in Japan. I want to keep them all in my heart forever. And yet, the most important thing is became one of the exchange student is not only train my skills in foreign language, but also gave me opportunity to learn many things in a more professional way in an international atmosphere. Furthermore, I also learn how to interact with different kinds of people in many situations, how to communicate with them effectively, how to eliminate prejudice because of cultural barriers, promote my university and cultures and also how to build a long-term relationship for professional purpose and for international, borderless friendship too as well.

It was a contentment that I can be one of the students from UKM as the representative at Sophia University for this autumn semester. I would like to give a very big thanks to SAIMS and UKM which supported me on joining this program. This exchange student program didn’t only give me a great chance to broaden my professional knowledge, but also have developed my abilities in the society and intercultural fields. Last but not least, always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow !



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