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Speech Bout Suicide

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In life, there are many challenges that will face you and it will not always be easy and you must find a way to overcome that problem. But some people want an easy way to escape the problem and one of these ways is to kill themselves or what we call suicide. Statistically, for every forty seconds, one person will die of committing suicide, over 1 million people kill themselves every year worldwide and for every one hundred thousand population, 16 people will commit suicide. There are many factors that affect the decision of people to end their lives and I will talk about the most common reasons on why people are committing suicide. People commit suicide because of too much depression, stressful life events, and psychological disorders.

My first point is depression. I think that this is one of the most common reasons for suicide and statistics shows that 15% of clinically depressed people die by killing themselves. Now why do people kill themselves because of depression? This is simply because they want to get rid of the feeling and they are hopeless that the feeling will never go away and that suicide is the only way to escape the burden that they have. When people are depressed, they think too much so that’s why suicide comes in to their thoughts because they think that “Everything will be better without me” as said by Alex Lickerman. Now we can’t always blame the depressed person on why he or she committed suicide because like many diseases, depression can also be remedied and suicide can be prevented if the depression can be treated as soon as possible.

My next point is that people who experience extreme life stress also has a high chance to commit suicide. There are many things that can be considered as stressful life events like financial problems, relationship problems, and being embarrassed and these three factors can be causes of suicide attempts. The reason on why people commit suicide because of stressful events is much like the same as my first point which is to escape the problem and the only thing that they could think of is by killing themselves. Like from what I saw in the movie where the mother of 5 kids are not financially capable and they have no source of income so the mother attempts to kill herself and her children so that she can end the suffering. And also being ashamed of what you have done is a logical reason to commit suicide like for example you made something so embarrassing that you don’t want other people to see you anymore and that is where suicide strikes your mind.

For my last point, a mental disorder also affects a person’s behavior towards committing suicide. When a person has Schizophrenia he or she cannot think properly or clearly and also having a hard time to tell what is real from not real. Schizophrenic people also hallucinate and have delusions. The voices in their head can tell them to kill themselves and they will actually do if there is



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