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Speech Is Silver, but Silence Is Golden

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Essay Preview: Speech Is Silver, but Silence Is Golden

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Speech is silver, but silence is golden. Is it true? Of course the Gold shines brightly, it glitters but silver cannot compete with it. We used to hear this famous quote many times, mostly in the college libraries. But did we have ever thought of the meaning for it. Why we compare these stimulus with the precious metals. What does it mean!!Let me tell u a short story to inculcate the interest....Once upon a time, an old man is in a habit of spreading rumors regarding others. He spread rumor that his neighbor is a thief. As a result, the man got imprisoned. After some days, he got released and proved to be innocent.After being released, he sued the old man for teasing him. In the court, in his favor the old man said, "Those were only comments and did not harm anyone..."The judge directed the old man to do a task. He was ordered to write all the rumors that he had spreaded regarding the man on a piece of paper and tear them up and throw them in the way to home. Come back on tomorrow, collecting all those pieces again.The old man replied, "This is quite impossible, I can't do that, wind may spread them all".Then the judge replied "The same thing happened with your comments for the man, you spread them all over and now the pride of the person cannot be regained. If you cannot speak well for others, no need to say anything".Sometimes, silence is more profitable rather than the abundance of speech. We have heard of many people who speak well and coz of this achieved a lot in their lives and also become a part of the history.

"We all are masters of our mouth, no need to be slaves of our words"



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