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Symptom Paper on Myalgia

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Essay Preview: Symptom Paper on Myalgia

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Definition of symptom: Myalgia is pain in the muscles. Muscle pain is caused by muscle injury, overuse, or overstretching of muscle group. Muscle pain without a traumatic injury is often due to viral, bacteria, parasitic infections, autoimmune disorders or side effects of certain drugs. Muscle pain is an aching or cramping pain that can be referred to other deep somatic structures. The muscle pain can also be accompanied by stiffness and weakness in the affected muscle.

Pathophysiology of Symptom: Muscle nociceptors (pain receptors) are a free nerve ending that is connected to the central nervous system by thin myelinated (group III) or unmyelinated (group IV) nerve fibers. The nociceptor receptive ending is activated by mechanical, thermal or chemical stimuli. The stimuli can also be either bacterial, viral, infections, autoimmune or medications. Nociceptor stimulation causes as wide range of chemical mediators to be released from injured and inflamed tissues, which causes vasodilation and an increased release of chemical mediators to which the nociceptors respond. This in turns causes and increases inflammation of peripheral tissues and/or muscle. The activation of the muscle nociceptor to the central nervous system increases the excitability of the central neurons leading to pain, hyperalgesia and pain referral.


- Caused by autoimmune disorder

- muscle aches/general muscle aches

- body fatigue

- swollen painful joints

- malaise

- general weakness

- butterfly rash on face


- caused by viral or bacterial infection

- accompanied by additional symptoms

- muscle aches and muscle cramps

- fever

- severe headaches

- general fatigue

- general weakness

- body aches in joints and throat

- reddened eyes, skin, mouth and throat


- caused by bacteria from tick bite

- inflammation & swelling of joints

- muscle pain, muscle aches & cramping



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