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Teaching Assistant

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Irfan Yang, Yang Yifan 杨 一 凡 #1300015840 Monday 10-12 October 27, 2014

Witness of History

       “When I was young…” stories always started from here when my grandfather began to recall his teenage period. I answered him lazily an unconsciousness, “I know, I know…” Of course I know, it’s such a hard time with infinite turbulence and chaos in China. Everyone who survived from that period is a luck dog, just as my grandfather.

       When he was young, there is nothing, including his parents. Before he was 14, the only way he can avoid starving is cooking with rice served by the neighborhood. He resolutely followed the army of Communist Party when they passed by his hometown because he heard soldier can eat 3 bowls of rice every day. Then he followed CCP to Yunnan fighting against Japanese and survived the Civil War afterwards.

       There is always a sigh each time when he talked about this. I know it’s cruel, but I don’t know how to comfort him because I never experienced it. The only thing I can do is to rely on his shoulder and hold his hand, waiting for his tears dropping down.

       Besides, his life is full of contradictions. Before 1970s, he believed in CCP and government officers. Relying on his reputation and network built in war time, he was quickly promoted and had a comfort life. But the Culture Revolution insulted his wife and Campus Upheaval in 1989 made his son lost his work. Just when he began to reconsider everything happened in his life, Chinese economic grew rapidly above anyone’s imagination. For him, it’s hard to connect these affairs together. Why situation changes tremendously without any trails beforehand?

       He is a sentimental, wisdom and elusive old man. I’d like to admit that the most significant difference between life of me and my grandfather is historical issues. He is a witness of such great changes and turbulence of China. His characteristics, sentimental, elusive and wisdom reflect the traits of modern China. Through his experience, I can see how Chinese people survived and thrived which greatly inspired me though I can rarely have the same feeling as they have.

                Indeed, my words perhaps make no sense for new revolutions may occur in the near future. As a saying goes, “One generation starts an era.” I’m looking forward to what can we generation open in the future, which is the greatest gain I have from my grandparents.

                Wish we can open a new era. (416 words)



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