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Teenagers Should or Should Not Work Part-Time Job?

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Essay Preview: Teenagers Should or Should Not Work Part-Time Job?

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In today's society, many teenagers work part-time job after school. One reason is that there are not many teenagers with wealthy parents who can support their expenses while they are studying. As a result, many teenagers want to find a part-time job to earn money to support themselves. For example, a Newport Harbor High School senior said she works "to support myself: my car and clothes and just stuff I do, like going out." However, working part-time job after school may or may not benefit the teenagers depending on the student's situation. If the teenager can manage their time and balance their schedule well, they can try to find a part-time job, but if the teenagers can't manage their time well and their school results are not so good, they shouldn't work part-time job. There are both benefits as well as potential consequences to working part-time while in school. Therefore, when deciding whether or not to work part-time while in school, teenagers should consider how working will affect their lives as there are potential benefits as well as negative consequences.

Teenagers who are having trouble at school, should not take part-time jobs because this can affect their study and work. If teenagers go to work part-time after school, they may not have enough time to study and sleep. Sometimes they may fall asleep in class. For example, a high school student calls Staats admitted, "Last year I was sleeping in my first period class half the time." It may cause teenagers to have a lower grade in their academic studies. It can affect their chances of entering a good university if they have poor academic results and without a college education, they may not find a good job the future. As a result, it may lead them to work in a low skill with low income job because of they do not have a university certificate. On the other hand, based on national research data on the author's own study, he found that teenagers who work long hours in part-time job will not have enough time to study. As a result, some teenagers will choose to take easier courses to study and some may be drop out of class due to the poor result. However, teenagers who spend most of the time to focus on their studies can learn more things and gain more knowledge at school. It can help teenagers to find what subject they are interest and what kind of job they want to work in the future. Meanwhile, they should study hard after school to get good grades so that they can enter into a good university and can have well-paying jobs in the future. I argue that teenagers should not work part-time after school because I believe that teenager's job is to study to have a better future.

On the other hand, teenagers who can manage their schedule well and are performing well in school already should be allowed find a part-time job because it can give them many benefits. For example, teenagers can learn how to balance their schedule



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