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Terrorism and Policy Paper

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Terrorism and Policy Paper

The events of 911 have forever changed the sense security that Americans felt before terrorist invaded our nation. Due to the skepticism of the individuals who enter our country, the government has implemented high security measures by passing the Patriot Act into law. The policies and laws within the Patriot Act are made to protect the citizens of the United States, however with the 911 attacks and the creation of Homeland security, we can only hope that we are better prepared in preventing another terrorist attack on our nation. The purpose of this essay is to state the policy changes that have be made due to the 911 terrorist attacks. Terrorists around the world are conspiring to obtain chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons with the express intent of killing large numbers of Americans (Tiahrt, 2005).

September 11, 2001 brought about a tremendous amount of sadness to Americans and a victorious day for terrorists who used there malicious powers to bring this country down. Al Qaeda destroyed the twin towers, the pentagon, as well as thousands of innocent lives. These terrorists hijacked airlines and deliberately crashed them into buildings while millions of people watched our country being attacked, and us as Americans feeling helpless by not being able to help the innocent.

There were countless lives taken on that devastating day. No one could have imagined the impact that 911 would have on every person living in this country. The United States realized one important fact on September 11th, and that is how vulnerable our country. We were not forewarned by threats or clues. Because of this tragedy the United States created a way to fight back against individuals who want to destroy our beautiful nation, and in 2002 The Department of Homeland Security was produced.

After the attacks President George Bush took the steps to protect the American people against terrorist. Within the Department of Homeland Security the three most important goals are to prevent terrorist attacks in the states, decrease America's vulnerability to terrorists, and to reduce damage from future attacks and natural disasters. The colored coded terrorism risk advisory scale was developed to keep Americans aware of any possible threats.

The Patriot Act is laws that are meant to protect America and its citizens. This document can be extremely difficult to understand for most individuals. The most controversial issue of our fourth amendment rights within the Patriot Act has many individuals feeling violated. According to section 213 of the Patriot Act, the government has a right to delay the notification of a search warrant. In the fourth amendment the authorities should give notice of a warrant by knocking on the door before entering an individual's residence. This right does not exist in the Patriot Act. The authorities only have to have probable cause to search anything



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