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The Advantages of Globalization

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Essay Preview: The Advantages of Globalization

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The advantages of globalization                                


                                Tutor: Liz Stevens

                                        Student: Ngoc Lam Bao

                        The advantages of globalization

It is undeniable that globalization have been widespread round the world with establishment of international organizations such as: WTO, AFTA, APEC and Vietnam is not exception. In today’s society, globalization has become an irreversible phoneme, not only in developed countries but also in developing countries which are new arrivals in this trend. Many people claim that globalization will bring both benefits and drawbacks for the developing countries, especially Vietnam. So, I firmly believe that globalization has affected directly Vietnam in several ways. And this is the goal of this essay to point out the advantages of globalization from economic, cultural and environmental perspectives.

First and foremost, there is no denying that globalization bring much of economic interests and commercial values. When transportation is enhanced and tariffs barriers are remove, entrepreneurs are now opened up more opportunities to approach new markets, not only domestic but also oversea markets, not mention to increase economics of scale. I claim that Vietnam is facing particular challenges such as pervasive poverty, high unemployment, a lack of access to financial services and weak institutions. So, globalization enables goods to be produced and sold in different part of the world, making use of relative cheaper labor resources and potential materials. The developed countries like the United States, China or Russia will work with governments, investors and business in Vietnam to strengthen their business environment, increase their access to international markets, improve their infrastructure and give more people access to financial services. For instance, China is now well on its way to become the biggest manufacture over the world which attract all to international corporations and companies come to establish their factories here. In addition, I hold a view that the second advantage of globalization in Vietnam is the free movement of workers. Therefore, globalization helps the workers more easily move from one country to another countries to market their skills to employers and devote their abilities to Vietnam’s economy. For example, Vietnam has hired experts from the developed countries such as: America, Japan or China to work in big companies. Needless to say, personally, corporations in Vietnam can also hire skillful workers to work for them using online tools and telecommunications. It is a conspicuous fact that the barriers that once stood between nations trading freely with one another are reduced by free trade. For instance, when Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand signed the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, this contract allows them to exchange products and services without significant import and export restrictions. Additionally, in some nations, domestic monopolies used to be protected by government. That foreign companies merge into these market will provide greater competitors and hence increase competitiveness and effectiveness of each market. It is also very valuable for customers in Vietnam. For some reasons, there are many benefits of greater competition such as: lower costs and prices for goods and services, better quality and more choice and variety.  So I firmly believe that there are many benefits of globalization, ranging from economic perspective.

Secondly, it is worth mentioning that the increasing international transactions also impose the advantages on culture. The first benefit of globalization from cultural perspective in Vietnam is culture diversity. In today’s society, Vietnamese witnessed a series of changes in foods, language and arts. To be more specific about cuisine, I claim that the main food of Vietnamese are rice, boiled dishes and others with a sophisticated combination of materials and spices. It is a conspicuous fact in Vietnam that in special occasions, they often gathered together, prepared for a meal and enjoyed traditional foods at home such as: Chung cake, spring roll, Pho, etc, each occasion has separate traditional foods. However, thanks to globalization, Vietnamese are become habituated to eating fast food as well as enjoying wonderful meals in foreign restaurants with well-known trademarks such as: KFC, Lotteria, Coca cola and there is a diversification in both kinds of foods and methods of cooking. And many people argue that globalization helps to promote indigenous culture, attracting foreign tourists. When an increasing number of tourists comes to Vietnam, the demand for services such as accommodation (hotels, hostels,..), transportation (buses, taxi, train, plane,..), food and entertainment activities.. also consequently. Obviously, an indigenous culture may also helps tourism cities in Vietnam to attract enormous oversea and domestic investment to improve infrastructure as well as develop the standard of services. In addition, about language, I firmly believe that globalization created global communication function for some languages, expanded words’ meaning, diversified international terms, especially, English. For example, the number of Vietnamese students studying abroad countries such as Australia, America, Singapore have been rising day by day. When Vietnamese students live in a new country, they may face inevitable problems such as: language, cuisine, communication, activities, law.  Therefore, knowledge and experience in foreign culture are really useful for Vietnamese people who want to live in the other countries.



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