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The American Dream

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Wildon DesLauriers


English 11

American Dream

The American Dream is versioned by many to be the freedom to choose one's own path in life. The American Dream came about in three stages and the stages are supported by many writings in American literature. Desperation for change, the plan, and the implementation of the plan are vital aspects in giving birth to the American Dream.

"Upon the Burning of Our House" By Anne Bradstreet, and Jonathan Edwards "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" demonstrate desperation for change. Firstly, both pieces of literature exemplify an angry god. "Upon the Burning of our House" she explains that everything that was on fire she did not actually own, it belonged to god's. There for she could not mourn the loss of her house because the god's had the right to take it away. Jonathan Edwards describes god as someone who does not forgive people if they sin. Edwards says that if you sin that god will drop you into the pits of hell. Secondly, both stories need change. Edwards warns everyone if things don't change they are going to be in trouble. While Bradstreet describes things need to change in her life. Talking about change is a start but you need to make a plan.

"The Declaration of Independence" by Thomas Jefferson is the plan to achieve the American Dream. First off, The Declaration of Independence consists of all the things that make up the American Dream. Jefferson states that everyone has the right to "life, liberty and the

Deslauriers 2

Pursuit of happiness." This makes the pursuit of the American dream possible. (Add more to this paragraph)

"Rip Van Winkle" shows the progress of the American Dream. To begin with Rip van Winkle lives in a world where his wife nags him and he hates his life. Then falls asleep for twenty years and everything has changed. When Rip wakes from his sleep and walk to the town he is very confused about the changes, "everything puzzled him too." The townspeople seemed more cautious. This exemplifies the implementation of the American dream that has taken place while he was asleep.

Many people see the American dream as freedom to guide their own lives. The American dream came about in three separate stages that are shown through multiple pieces of American literature. Hope for change, the idea, and the execution are major aspects in creating the American dream.



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