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The Aral Sea Experiment

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Essay Preview: The Aral Sea Experiment

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* Example of how water diversion can affect the major body of water.

* Two river flowed into the sea the Amu Dyra and Syr Dyra.

Kept the salt levels in balance.1960s

* Soviet Government Diverted these two rivers

Cotton and rice production.

* Diversion with two large dams and canals to transport water.

* Severe water declines in the sea and salt increase.

* Fish population plummeted. Soil was enriched in salt and pesticides.

* Fishing industry abandoned.

* Lost 90% of its volume the equivalent to lake huron and erie combined.

Rising Temperatures

* Due to the warming of the Earth there is rising and falling of water level in Great lakes.

* This can put a damper on costal man made structures which rely on steady water fluctuations.

* Climate change is unpredictable for water levels in the Great lakes.

Water Diversions

* Chicago river being reversed about 100 years ago.

* Did so because of heavy pollution.

* Would divert water through a canal to the desplaines river to Missiissippi.

* Lots of Controversy because people south of us did not want our waste.

* Chicago then starting to pump water to suburbs. Where does it end.

* Now they want to rereverse river. Asain carp.

Mud Creek Michigan Akron Ohio

* Farmers wanted to use lake Michigan water for irrigation

* Loss of five million gallons per day.

* Was approved.

* Akron had mass shortages of water in 1900s.

* Wanted to use great lakes water instead of aquifers.

* Must be approved by the Great lakes govenors.

* Approaved but they must put back in an equal amount of water back into the system.

Nova Group and Annex 2001

* Canadian entrepreneur john febrraro puts out the concept of shipping great lakes water.

* Idea with large tankers going into lake superior and shipping it to India.

* Concept



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