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The Art of Story Telling

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Essay Preview: The Art of Story Telling

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In the article " The Art of Story Telling" and the story 'Theresa" both present information about story telling in different ways. Story telling is exactly what it sounds like, telling stories. Stories can be true or fictional. Stories can inform or entertain, or they can do both. Stories can teach a lesson about a particular subject or out life its self. You yourself have been a storyteller. Whenever you tell your parents or friends about something that happens in their lives. You become a storyteller.

In the article " The Art of Story Telling", the most important aspect of storytelling is the process of being engaged. Being engaging means that you make people care about what your saying. In the story "Theresa" the thing that makes you a good storyteller can sometimes take a true story and turn it into a tale. when you're telling a story, you need to be confident and inserting as well as also. So your audience doesn't get bored of you.

The propose of storytellers serve is that without information there is no story to tell. But if nobody wants to listen there is no point to tell it. The greatest storytellers have been amazingly engaging to their audience with their stories. Making them interested and caring about their stories. Before television, radio, and newspapers, the only way to deliver information was through a traveling storyteller. In conclusion,

" The Art of Storytelling" is about that storytelling is without a doubt, human kinds oldest and greatest art form. The appeal of a good story is so powerful that every culture in the history of the world has had its own version of storyteller. In "Theresa", is about telling some true story that happened and make it something that someone wants to hear more about. Her grandmother tells the story of Theresa's adventures and accomplishments to entertain Theresa. It practically made her hypnotized from the story she was hearing. Both the article and story describe storytelling. The main point is that anyone could be a storyteller no matter what.



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