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The Difference Between Social Networking Relationships and Real Life Relationships

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Essay Preview: The Difference Between Social Networking Relationships and Real Life Relationships

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The Difference Between Social Networking Relationships and Real Life Relationships.

I believe it is better to have face to face relationships rather than online relationships. Yes, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and many other networking sites have mad a whole new way of staying in contact with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, and anyone else in the world, easier for everyone. But, these social networking sites have also made people forget the importance of real life relationships. Social networks are mainly just people messaging eachother back and forth. We miss the tone in one anothers voice, and by pass eye contact. Thus, there are many more chances of misunderstandings that may lead to arguments.

Talking to someone face to face takes away some of those chances of misunderstading. You can look a person in the eye and also read their body language. You can tell to an extent how much of that persons attention you really have.

Another downfall to online relationships is the person you are talking to could be just about anyone. Just because you see a picture does not guarantee that it is them. With access to the internet you can pretend to be anyone you wish to be.

For example, one day I was talking to whom I thought was an old friend. They asked for my new address since I had just moved so I gave it to them. Later in the conversation they asked what I was up to later that evening. I responded telling them that I would be out late for the night. When I returned home I realized I had been robbed. The next day I talked to my friend in person and found out that her Facebook account had been hacked.

Online relationships can truly be anyone in the world.

People can fake being a business. When you go to buy something online you hve to put in your information, such as, credit card number, expiration date, your full name, sometimes even your social security number. This makes it much easier for people to steal your identity and give you bad credit for the rest of your life.

Real life relationships make for a more personal relationship. You sit face to face and talk. Socializing becomes more enjoyable this way. Instead of sitting on a computer or cell phone you can co to dinner, bowling, the movies, shopping or anything else you can think of that you might like to do. This way you actually know who you are talking to. Real life relationships are safer then online relationships.

You learn who peopls really are and how they act when you socialize with them in person. Online they can pretend to be anyone they want. They can get the feel for who you are and base who they are off of who you are, then be someone completely opposite with other people. In person the can still feel out who you are, but it is harder for them to hide who they really are.

Relationships in person just seem to be the safer way to go



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