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The Importance of Channels of Distribution

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Essay Preview: The Importance of Channels of Distribution

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The Importance of Channels of Distribution:

Oh how we Love our Material things in this Material world. If you have ever consumed a product or purchased a product then you most likely purchased a product that has gone through the process known as Channels of Distribution. What you're probably thinking is what that is? Well i'm going to tell you and I will also inform you of the importance of this process to the way companies Market to how they get there product or service from the producer to the consumer.

Distribution Also known as "the middle man" is the businesses that produce goods, get their product or service to the consumer. For example if I own a business selling "I hate Steelers, Go Cardinals" Shirts then as the business owner I will produce the goods and pay some other company such as shipping companies like Cargo planes, Truckers, or even Boats. They will distribute my product to the companies that also will distribute my product in stores, markets etc...

This is a very important process to the system because it helps the owner get their product out, it gives distributors business and it gives the goods to the consumer. This is probably without a doubt the major thing to get the product out to the public to potential buyers other then commercials in the media. Channels and distribution give the needs that demanded by the producers and meet the demands from the consumers and without the distribution process most business won't do so well on marketing or making a decent income.

Management Of distribution

Though Distribution is very important to the money making process. It needs to manage while distributing for so many companies, then on to the places where they can be purchased. This can become a very hectic environment to work in or even managing. Distribution management is an overarching term that refers to numerous activities and processes such as packaging, inventory, etc...

The management of distribution is just as important as distribution it self. If the management isn't there then the distribution process it self may be all messed up and unorganized. How the management process works is sort of like the management of a shipping company such as UPS. The manager controls how much of the mail that is going to be picked up and shipped out to the people and even the routes that they take. Everyone from the Fast food companies to the computer companies that bring there product to the places where they sale the goods it is all controlled by the management of distribution. One the benefits of management of distribution are that you help keep things in a balance or equilibrium if you may. Managing the system may be a difficult task but it will result in better improvements to the producers to the consumers. It is the backbone of most businesses and contributes to a lot.

Management is very important no matter what kind of business situation it is to control the process of things is very beneficial to all aspects of the whole distribution community and those that are involved with it.

Information Systems for Order fulfillment

Systems for order fulfillment are simply return on investment with something from goods to services. Time is a very big influence on the Return of investment. This may determine the amount of profit a company makes once orders are made. The money you are getting in returned as a profit is the money you invested. As a result, these returns on investments can improve by having better techniques. Every step taken is a step towards improving the mistakes done before.

Many organizations managed this system differently. For example IRR - internal rate of return. NPV - net present value .ROA - return on assets and other financial measures as each organization dictates. Order fulfillment is a process to deliver a product to the costumer from a point of sales inquiry. To begin with, there are all kinds of order fulfillments from center jobs, and even soft wares. For example, at the centers, they have numerous amounts of technology to make order fulfillment much easier. Then again there is no center without employees who operate these machines. Order Fulfillment Center created all sorts of ways to make this process simple. Furthermore, at the centers they give every possible way of fulfillment service you can't think of. Order Fulfillment centers can go through data entry, storage, order processing, ECT. The number of way is endless. It gets even better with order fulfillment software. These soft wares can tell you when your business needs to re- order more merchandise. The software will make you feel more confident about the order management. The software makes it easier to pick, pack, and ship.

Shipping and receiving process




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