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The Weather Channel

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The weather channel efforts have spanner from improving the network, product extending the weather channels name and related products and a promotional kit and then the weather channel netwoprk uses a staff of nmore than 100 meteorologists to analyse national weather services data and proper 4000 localised forecast while their local reports are the channel's main stays, new feature have crept in that have had the fact of strectchinh the avrege viewing to from II minutes to approx. 14 minutes with some fanatical individual watching for hours at a time

ConclusionThis is a quantitative technical use for research of identifying consumer need for weather related information. These things are used for the qualitiable research techniques.The other sources of information about the weather forecast are 30 online services, 250 radio station, a hugely popular 900 number services and a broadcast of 64 newspapers. The Television is one of the most sought source of inofrmation.These all are the sources by which the customers get the information regarding the weather.The weather channels have become the weather forecaster in USA today. The weather channel will later on worked to extend its boundaries beyond just the television format so they used all the other sources of information regarding weather in the television, so they started upgading them by availing the weather forecast in 30 online services, 250 radio stations, a hugely popular 900 number phone services and 64 newspapers. So later on, they planned to re-launch www.weather.com in 2000. The main aim is to refresh the look feel and organisation of content. The goal is to enable the site to accommodate more traffic and content as well as incorporate database functions. Now, weather.com is delivering even more highly personalised weather content. The strategy for re-launch is to forecast relevant and accurate weather conditions. It is also in continuation of weather.com positioning of its selft as a lifestyle site.There has also been a report about weather.com including a "Portfolio of subscription based services



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