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The Intense Relationship Between a Girl and a Woman

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Essay Preview: The Intense Relationship Between a Girl and a Woman

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According to and old adage that says "As you lay your bed, so you lie on it." That same quote can be applied in this story.

In life there is a huge difference between a woman and a girl. A woman is a female body who is highly experienced in life, been through all obstacles and know the consequences one has to go through on the other hand, a girl is the opposite of a woman. With this in mind it is the job of a mother, an experienced woman to lead the way for a girl as a child.

But as seen in the story, the mother talks to her daughter on how to become a responsible woman, mother and wife in a society, but she totally went wrong saying to her that she sees her on a clear path of becoming a "slut" like who says that to a child you clearly carried in you for nine months I never heard of that until now. An hopeful mother wouldn't say that to her own daughter no matter what, even if it is how she dresses, acts, sits or whatever the case may be it is the responsibility of a mother to correct and help rather impose she as the mother should be of a respectable behavior because the child is looking up to her when she is a mother she might want to act the same way just because her mother treated her the same way so she would have in mind that it is the right thing to do which is not. With that sentence being made by the mother, it is felt that their relationship was nothing but highly intense and the daughter is pretty scared of her mother but all the same I feel the mother cares because it takes only a loving mother to talk to her daughter and teach her on the path of becoming a responsible and respectable woman in the society when she is old enough to be a mother.

With all this being said to a girl and is reasonable would follow every instruction given because there all the right steps one has to take so as to be respectable in life, also seen that her mother made mention of "you mean after all you are really going to be the kind of woman who the baker won't let near the bread?" her mother basically is trying to make her understand that life is exactly how one makes it and she is telling her if she would rather go with the guidelines she is giving her or the other way round.

This story is similar to a friend of mine, her stepmum never allowed her to have friends called her all sorts of names and even made her children do the same but what is not being understood by her is what you don't you don't want others to do will someday be done by you if you are exposed to it. With this getting out of hand made my friend leave the house and she became the slut her stepmom said she would become. In time she came back home and with every intention in mind to always sneak out of the house to attend parties and have sex but was caught by a family friend and when the stepmom found out she made her cut herself with a blade saying to her "this is



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