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The Lego Movie

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Essay Preview: The Lego Movie

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Miriam College

1st semester SY 2017-2018

De Jesus, Charlene G.         WF 3-4:30pm

Reaction paper #1: Let’s bring it Back!

As a young Filipina woman, I prefer modern perspective as a way of thinking and basis for living and decision making now and the near future because as I see the world right now it’s in chaos and If I have a choice whether to live in the modern or post-modern period, I’d rather choose to live in the past. We all know that a lot of things have changed, for example, the evolution of technologies, and it has a lot of advantages but we don’t see that it’s ruining our lives because we are wasting our time more on social reality than spending time with our families. As I observe teens and young adults in my generation, I can say that they are hyper connected. They are linked continuously through tech devices to other humans and to global intelligence. The majority of today’s kids use a computer, tablet, watch TV, or play video games on a daily basis, it’s only about 10 percent of kids who are still spending time outdoors and I hate the fact that I myself is also always online in social networking sites. That’s why sometimes I find myself trying to avoid being like one. For example, sometimes I don’t use my smart phone; I’d rather choose to use a 3210 phone to avoid scrolling through my cellphone and always staying online. And as I also observe, people in the pre-modern times has a need for instant gratification.  

Besides all that, I also like how modern thinker believes in learning from experiences of the past. It’s really necessary to evaluate and analyze past decisions when you decide. Me, as a person, when I need to decide onto something I usually recall the past decision I did in order for me to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

The reason why I also prefer modernism is that I hate the transformation of intimacy from modernism to post-modernism. In modern times, the kind of love that people mostly would likely to have is romantic love or eternal love and it contains an idea that people will be together forever and love is the main reason for people to get married. But in post-modernism, confluent love is what most likely people will have. People are increasingly pursuing the idea of the pure relationship, they remain in a relationship providing that they are emotionally and sexually satisfied and as a result, the relationship is likely to survive only so long as both partners think it’s their own interest to do so. Unlike romantic love, which is present in modernism, confluent love is not necessarily monogamous, in the sense of sexual exclusiveness that’s why more fragile or short-term relationship exists in these days. That’s the main reason my “fuck boys” exist now a days. I personally experience this kind of boys and I hate to think that someday my future child will encounter one of them and might get hurt. We all can see how this generation is messed up, there’s nothing new if you heard someone says “bakit sa gantong henerasyon/panahon ko pa ipapanganak ang anak ko”.  



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