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The Procedure of the Human Resource Policy of Geely Corporation

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Essay Preview: The Procedure of the Human Resource Policy of Geely Corporation

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Research topic title: The procedure of the human resource policy of Geely Corporation.

Company Description: China Geely Group is a private company which was set up by Li Shufu. First products were refrigerators, then motorcycle parts. By obtaining a minivan maker the company got the necessary permissions to produce motor vehicles. It was the first Chinese private enteprise which ventured into the car manufacturing business. The first car was introduced in 1998. Using the Xiali TJ7300, the local version of the Daihatsu Charade as a donor and bolting a Mercedes-like grille the Merrie hatchback was created. A mere 200 cars were sold in the first year. In November, 2002 the limousine version of the Haoqing was introduced and a Geely sportscar, called the Beauty Leopard was introduced in 2003. The latter gained world-wide fame with built-in karaoke equipment. Geely produced 38888 cars in 2003, including 32667 Haoqing models. Their new subsidiary, Shanghai-Maple, based on the former JMStar works made 6297 Huapu models. Today the company is a holding entity, Geely Automobile Holdings limited with its principal manufacturing base in Beilun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, while the Haoqing is being built in Linhai, Taizhou. Geely is now listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, exported some cars to Syria and now they are developing new models in collaboration with Daewoo International of Korea, Maggiora of Italy and Ruecker of Germany.

Identify issues: Geely is a big company and it needs a lot of employees to do work. For example, people are leaders, managers, officers and workers. Managing a large number of employees is not easy. Geely has been developing and expanding quite well. It means Geely' s CEO and supporters must have some specific strategies and experiences to manage the company. It is an interesting topic so I want to find out these things and show them in this research.

Literature review: Since the early years of last century, there have been raising some specific campaign of Human Relations regarded to the theme of "taking care of the mutual relationship in the business world". Some programs are used such as weekly meetings or parties for managers and subordinates. The relationships that gradually have been built to become a major branch called Human Resource Management and maintaining this relationship is still one of the initial functions of the modern Human Resource Department.

The company is divided into many organizations and each one has its own and unique method to develop and implement Human Resource strategy and policy to fix the overall goals and objectives. However, there are some crucial areas, which Geely is trying to solve, are how to manage Human Resource Department and get attention of employees to do work at the most effectively.




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