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The World's Two Greatest Sports Go Hand and Hand: Basketball & Football

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Essay Preview: The World's Two Greatest Sports Go Hand and Hand: Basketball & Football

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The World's Two Greatest Sports go hand and hand: Basketball & Football

As everyone may know basketball and football and well known sports. Sports in which everyone may know basketball and football share many similarities and differences. Both sports require much concentration and determination. These are known sports played all over the world and in many schools. According to The Huffington Post " 106 million viewers tuned into the 2010 Superbowl, which set a record for the most views of any television broadcast." But the three major categories that distinguish these two sports are: the technique, equipment and the players.

As far as football, the technique and training are the most important factors. In football, the physical location where you line up in position with your opposing opponent is the important factor. In football there are many techniques are many different ranges of techniques focusing on different positions. For example, the most basic technique is a 0 technique, where the defensive lineman lines up directly across from the center. In the 1 technique, the player is lined up over the center's outside shoulder and in the 2 technique, over the guard's inside shoulder and so on and so forth. This basically shows formation. Football is divided into four quarters, all adding up to 60 minutes of game time. For 60 minutes, each quarter lasts 15 minutes. There is a two minute break between the first and second quarters, a 12-minute halftime and another two-minute break between the third and fourth quarters, according to the NFL Rulebook. Each team receives three timeouts per half during regulation. Timeouts are 30 seconds. There are also official stoppages of play due to injury or play review.

Another distinguishing factor is the equipment that is being used. In football, the ball its self is very different from basketball. A football is a spheroid shaped ball of inflated leather, with stitches on the side for a better grip.Another important factor is the football field it's self which is 120 yards long. Standing on each end of the field is an end zone, which are 10 yards long. The whole motive of the game is to move the football into one of these end zones, making the field between the end zones markers exactly 100 yards. Now unlike basketball, football requires a lot of gear, for safety purposes due to the physical contact. With so many violent collisions during the game, a concussion would be guaranteed without a helmet. It's also important that the helmet is custom-fitted to the individual player wearing it. Neck rolls are also required. Now one that I never understood, were mouth guards, but they are there to prevent broken jaws and teeth. Football pads and shoulder pads are constructed of a hard plastic material, and padding is placed underneath for a comfortable fit. Of course a football jersey and pants are needed along with gloves. As for the cleats which are the shoes are very important because the wrong shoes could cause severe knee problems. NFL specialists said "It is estimated that an average NFL team will go through over 2,000 pairs of shoes in a season."

Last category would be the players. From the number of players to the position of the players, this really separates the differences between basketball and football players. The biggest rule of all is that there can only be 11 players on the field from each



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