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These Happy Golden Years: Summary Chapter 12 and 13

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Essay Preview: These Happy Golden Years: Summary Chapter 12 and 13

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On Sunday morning, Laura is very glad to back to school and walk together with Carrie. When she arrives at the school, her friends happily welcome her back. Mr. Owen greets Laura and praises her that she did a great job with her school. That morning, the lessons' materials is exactly the same as what Laura has learned when she lives in Brewster's. Laura has known the lessons perfectly and she feels confident until the morning break. At the morning break, the girls begin to talk about their compositions about ambition that Mr. Owen has told about in the grammar class. Laura begins to panic because she has not written anything and she does not know how to write a composition. The worst part is the class will be started right after the morning break and she only has a few minute to do. She opens the dictionary to look for the meaning of ambition five minutes before the class start because she does not have any idea. Based on the meaning, she writes the composition as fast as she can and keeps on writing while the other students are being called to order. When Mr. Owen calls her name, Laura stands up and read aloud what she has written. She has tried her best to write the compositon. Mr. Owen asks her whether she has written composition and she answer it no. Then, Mr. Owen says that her composition is very well and she gets the highest score.

On Friday, when Laura's family is having dinner, Pa gives Laura something. It is a four ten-dollar bills that is given by Brewster as Laura's payment for teaching at the school. Laura asks Pa to keep the bill for Mary so Mary can go home for summer holiday. She is very proud of herself because she can earn some money for her family. Then, she decides to work in Saturday at Mrs. McKee's dressmaking shop so she can earn more money for her family. Even though she is busy, she realizes how lucky she is because she can gather and stay with her family after a busy day at home.

On Friday afternoon in April, Laura, Ida and Mary Power walk slowly from the school. They talk about how spring is almost there again and it gives a good feeling toward them. Laura thinks about how nice the spring will be and Mary is going home. When Carrie and Laura come inside the house, there is already a stranger sitting with her parents. The stranger asks her whether she remember him or not. Then, his smile clicks in Laura's mind. The stranger is Uncle Tom, her mother's brother who lives in Wisconsin. Laura has not met him for a long time because of the long distance. Carrie and Grace do not know who he is because they never meet him before. Then, Uncle Tom starts tell them about what happen in the Big Wood in Wisconsin and about his experience when he was looking for gold on the Black Hills. Unconsciously, they talk until late and Ma tells Uncle Tom to stay there.

During Uncle Tom's stay, Ma, Pa, and Uncle Tom talk about many people that Laura does not know. While her parents



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