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Three-Star Abbotts Oak Hotel Case Study

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Essay Preview: Three-Star Abbotts Oak Hotel Case Study

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Background of case study

This case was happened at three-star Abbotts Oak hotel, in there had 3 main characters, who are Pat Morgan, the hotel manager; Peter Carlton, the hotel head chef and Mary Parker, the hotel joint owner.

At the beginning, Mary Parker informed Peter Carlton be the head chef of Abbotts Oak hotel, Parker expected Carlton can improve the performance of the kitchen.

At first, Pat Morgan confirms Carlton was very competent and hard-working, and did not signs of any problems. Within a matter of weeks, although Morgan heard rumblings of discontent among members of staff, but no one had complained to Morgan and customers were very pleased with the standard of the meals.

After a couple of weeks, Pat Morgan overhead two kitchen staff talking about Carlton, they praised Carlton worked very hard and was a very good chef. But they were moaning about his disgusting behavior, that he was swearing all the time and rude to everyone. Ten days later, another receptionist complained to Pat Morgan that Carlton was uncooperative, foul-mouthed and very quickly showed signs of temper. After Morgan listened, he replied that the restaurant trade was increasing and the customers very pleased. Also, considered a good chef tend to have a temperamental nature and suppose to make some allowances.

Two week later, Morgan reprimand Carlton for disparaging remarks to a waitress, and showed that could not tolerate this obnoxious behavior of Carlton. Carlton after listened Morgan reprimand, he became abusive and agitated. And he refused to apologize and suggested Morgan should pay more attention to problems nearer home. Morgan retaliated angrily and gave two choose to Carlton which apologize today or leave tomorrow. Carlton replied that he chose leave, then turned sharply and hurried out of the kitchen. Morgan caught up with Carlton in the car park, and reminded him if do not follow the practice of notice period, that won’t be entitled to any pay. But Carlton did not stop and said nothing.

At the following day, Mary Parker called Morgan to her office. She reminded Morgan that Carlton had come with glowing references and necessary to offer a high salary plus bonuses in order to secure his appointment. Also indicated that Carlton has been virtually no complaints, and the customers had enjoyed their meal.  Morgan interrupted Parker was not the ends justify the means and customer satisfaction was more important than good staff relationships. Parker replied that acceptance of responsibility involves an obligation to achieve a satisfactory level of performance. And then, Morgan Asked Parker who determines the standards and the manner in which results are achieved, what about the effects on other members of staff and who is in charge of the kitchen. Parker responded Morgan, I am the one in charge at hotel, the management and matters of staffing to you, and he must intervened it now. Moreover not allowed Morgan threatens to withhold Carlton’s pay. Parker remarked Morgan the second chef to leave on a postponed holiday, and to sort out this silly personality clash.



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