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To What Extent Was the Nazi Regime a Revolutionary Movement?

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Essay Preview: To What Extent Was the Nazi Regime a Revolutionary Movement?

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After what was one of the bloodiest wars of history, the First World War, we could say that many things changed the history of the German people, and is years after when the Nazi regime appear with Adolf Hitler on the head. The German people were hurt because of the past years of war, and they found in Hitler party a new road. The Nazi regime last only 12 years and their ideologies were based on the racial issues as well as nationalist issues. But what we are trying to find out is if, they were a revolutionary movement or a reactionary one?

On the first hand we need to analyze what did the leader of this regime Adolf Hitler did a soon as he took power in 1933. When he entered to lead Germany he actually respected many things that were established in the country. An example could be the army, he remained the same army as it was, especially the Officer corps. He made some changes in 1938 but until 1939 11 field Marshalls were not under Nazi control. He did not make any social changes in the army until the late days of WW2. This attitudes meant many things, first of he was trying to change things, but he never try to make a revolution and could be seen in the case he did not want to change all the people who were in the army, which should be removed in the case he wanted to make a revolution. We could see that in the cases in which revolutionary governments take power they immediately start by changing the army.

However, we could find out that actually, they were some things that the regime was revolutionary. For example in education terms, the Nazis took control of everything in education. The Nazis intended to indoctrinate its youth completely into Nazism that it long term survival was assured. They did this by education they started teaching in the school the Nazi ideology, and one way of showing the full control of the Nazis in the country in terms of education the Jewish teachers were banned. The teachers were introduced into the Nazi ideology and they started to teach the children all that. And one of the important things to say is that the Nazis included 15% of the education was focus on physical education, because in this way they will prepare their soldiers and they will be prepared for war. Also there was special focus on history (nationalistic), German, Biology and German culture, they were prepared to have love for the fuehrer. In this aspect we could say that to some extent this was revolutionary movement, because the regime entered to control everything that the people learn in Germany. And it was made in order to fulfill the dreams and ideologies of Adolf Hitler. When the government of a country burns books and only allowed to teach certain thing to the population this must be considered as a revolutionary and dictatorial movement.

Another thing that we could clearly see was that the Nazi regime did not made nationalization of any industry, unless the owners of the business were Jews. Actually the



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