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Top 10 Constitution Ranks on Usa

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Essay Preview: Top 10 Constitution Ranks on Usa

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1. The signing of the declaration of independence. This document stated that the thirteen American colonies were no longer under British rule. At the time that this had been made the American colonies had been at war with great Brittan for over a year over unreasonable taxation and because the colonies didn't have proper representation in British parliament. The declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson, and signed by John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, John and Samuel Adams among others. The day it was signed was July 4 1776.

The signing of the declaration of independence ranks above the constitution because, without the declaration of independence we would not have the U.S.A. one of the largest super powers of the world. We would still be part of Great Brittan, and any major roles America has ever played in history, would not have happened as we know it. Also without a free nation there would be no need for a constitution.

2. The constitution is important because it is the foundation of the government we have now in America. The constitution gives power to the states and the people. It has three branches: the legislature branch or congress, the judicial branch or the Supreme Court, and the executive branch or the president. The constitution also establishes the federal government. There are a total of 27 amendments, the first ten being the bill of rights. The constitution was written in September 17, 1787. The constitution was signed by Benjamin Franklin and George Washington among others.

The constitution ranks above the 13th amendment because it is the foundation of the laws that govern America. The laws that would eventually add the 13th amendment. Also the constitution helped create a fair legal system for everyone. Also the constitution eventually led to freedom for slaves with the 13th amendment.

3. The 13th amendment is one of the 27 amendments of the constitution. The 13th amendment was made so that slavery would be a crime. Its purpose was to prevent slavery of African Americans during the civil war in the 1860's. The 13th amendment is a more official and better emancipation proclamation; whereas the emancipation proclamation only affected the confederate states, the 13th amendment was made to prevent slavery in the all the states. The 13th amendment was also the newest amendment added since the 12th amendment had been added 60 years before. The final 13th amendment was the better of two other prior attempts at the 13th amendment.

The 13th amendment ranks above Rosa Parks because without the 13th amendment, she would have had much less freedom than she had at the time she stood up for herself on the bus. She wouldn't have been a second class citizen but a second class human in the eyes of everyone if the 13th amendment had not been passed. It's hard to imagine but without that amendment she would have had a fate worse than jail time. Also the 13th amendment practically set up the stage for Rosa Parks to help move a movement forwards.

4. Rosa Parks was 42 when she denied a white man her seat on the bus. Neither of them knew the impact this small action would cause on the United States. This act of civil disobedience inspired countless African Americans to protest the oppressive rules and laws that had placed on them. Also action created the successful bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama and it inspired the freedom riders across America. She was a civil rights activist and worked as a secretary for the NAACP and has worked with others such as Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks ranks above the Wright brothers flight at Kitty Hawk because her single action inspired a Movement to fix something that had been a problem since the 1800's. She was the catalyst for the black power movement, although not the first, but the most powerful. It was her bravery that helped move colored people forward and without airplanes. The Wright brothers have benefited the U.S. in another way.

5. The Wright brother's flight at Kitty Hawk was a remarkable time for America because it teased at the idea that human were capable of flight. They finally achieved their goal of a successful piloted flight in December 17, 1903. Because of their dedication to getting people to fly, we have been able to make several kinds of planes that serve such great uses, such as: the commercial airplanes and private jets that fly passengers, the cargo plane that can carry goods and supplies, and planes such as stealth bombers or fighter planes that play an offensive role during war. Since Wilbur had passed away in 1912, Orville lived long enough to see his invention serve in both world wars and break the sound barrier. Planes have done an honorable service for America and the world.

The Wright Brothers Flight at Kitty Hawk comes before Pearl Harbor because the Wright brother's creation of the first airplane is what helped the U.S. win the war in the pacific when the planes dropped the atomic bomb and planes were used in WWI dogfights. Without the airplane those two major wars would have been fought completely differently, mainly on land and sea. This would have raised the casualties of war and dragged out battles longer than without airplanes.

6. Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese air force. The cause of this attack was that the Japanese feared that the U.S.A would interfere with their plans to control the pacific. This



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