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Tracking: Placing Students in Classes Based on Their Academic Abilities

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Essay Preview: Tracking: Placing Students in Classes Based on Their Academic Abilities

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Tracking: Placing Students in Classes Based On

Their Academic Abilities.

By Natalie Andrews

In the 20th Century schools are using a new system to keep up with

student's and their ability to learn. Tracking can give teachers the ability to

Strategize and prepare for their student for success. There are people that agree

and some that may disagree with this system.

The tracking system is a strategy that is used by schools and teachers.

This program is used to break down students in different groups according to

they're learning ability. For an example they can be broken in groups like slow

learner and fast learner. This gives the teacher an opportunity to focus on a

student and help them to understand their work. Although some students may

have the ability to read better than some and others may have the ability of doing

math much better. Tracking is common in mainly middle schools and high


The ability for a student to be challenged above their academic level

Can further the mind of the child. Some students are tested not only on there

education basic but on a level of thinking and understanding. According to Lolita

Tompus "Testing is necessary to determine the extent or readiness of students

in acquiring skills and knowledge at a certain pace''-. Students are not only tested

on how their academic but also to be placed in gifted and talented programs.

There are students that may think the work may be hard and placed in special

classes. Developing and preparing for a student may help you understand their

needs. Even though placing a student according to their academic ability. This

would put a label on them that will follow them throughout their High School to

college life . Labeling a student can have a positive and a



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