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The Effects of Social Networking on the Grade 9 Students’ Academic Performance

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Essay Preview: The Effects of Social Networking on the Grade 9 Students’ Academic Performance

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 ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY DUMAGUETE                                                  
6200 Dumaguete City Philippines
Junior High School
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“The Effects of Social Networking on the Grade 9 Students’ Academic Performance”






Grade 9 – St. Raphael

A research paper is submitted to MRS. ELSA ABRASADO, MAEN as a partial fulfilment of the requirements for research.


        The researchers would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the following person who in one way or another have helped them in this study and made it successful.

  • Dr. Regidor Carale, for sharing his knowledge and guiding us on what to do and how to do it. He never failed to make us understand the lessons.
  • Mrs. Elsa Abrasado, our research adviser for the support she has given to make this study successful. She was always ready to help us correct the errors in our paper, and never got tired of answering our questions.
  • Our parents, for being with us every step of the way, for the moral and financial support they have given us.
  • Most especially, God for guiding us in all this, for giving us the wisdom and knowledge so we were able to make this study.

Thank You!


         This research paper is entitled, "The Effects of Social Networking on the Grade 9 Students’ Academic Performance". The researchers decided to study this because SNS is getting more popular among teenagers and students and we were curious of the effects of SNS to them. Since the students are still high school students, the researchers decided to conduct this research to gain students, teachers, parents’ knowledge. It only covered the grade 9 students of SPUD, which totaled in 20 respondents. The researchers chose the respondents at random. The length of the experimental procedure covered 1 day. Based on the students’ answers, they use Facebook most. As a matter of fact they found it easy to use for communication. Moreover, the students got affected in a positive way like SNS has given them some facts, trivia, and information in the society and in a negative way by distracting their focus and being a source of addiction.

The researchers’ concluded that social networking sites can affect the academic excellence of the students in a neutral way.



Communication has been a necessity for every person during their lifetime. With the development of the technology, media has undertaken a responsibility to carry out this necessity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr are but a few examples of the phenomenon of online social networking. People of all ages are flocking to the Internet and are signing up for social networking sites (SNS). The popularity of SNS is constantly growing. With these social media sites, practices of social interaction are taken to a whole new level within families, friends, communities, and even the world. In the recent years, teachers and parents may have complained about the children’s or students’ decrease in academic success. Some of them may have claimed that social network is the main factor of this decrease; they have held social network sites responsible to create addiction so this addiction has affected students’ time managements and study arrangements.


  1. To know the effects of social networking sites in the academic performance of students.
  2. To know what social networking sites are most visited by the students.
  3. To know the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites to the students.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to answer “What are the effects of Social Networking Sites on the academic performances of the grade 9 students in Saint Paul University Dumaguete?” as its general objective. SNS has become viral throughout the world. This has become teenagers’ way of killing boredom. Others say that because of this, many students are starting lose focus on their studies. We, the researchers, conclude that since teenagers always want to be “in”, social networking could be the culprit. Hence, this study was conducted to know if such activity may result to this.


The grade 9 students’ addictiveness to social network has no significant influence on their academic performance.

Significance of the Study

Social media has its advantages and disadvantages, but social media is also blamed to be one of the factors why students’ studies get interrupted.         

Nowadays, parents prioritize their children in terms of different aspects particularly on their studies. Because of this, this study aims to help parents be aware of the possible effects that SNS could give to their children. This study could give the parents knowledge on the probable academic decrease of their children – as a result of constant interaction with it. Moreover, this study is also targeted to benefit other researchers or people who need facts and information about this topic. This study may also be beneficial to the students.

Furthermore, this study could give a probable explanation to the teachers who wonder why their students’ academic excellence is changing.

Scope and Delimitation

        The scope of this study will be at St. Paul University Dumaguete HS Department. The respondents of the study will be the grade 9 students. This study investigates the effects of social networking websites in the studies of the grade 9 students. The study includes what social networking sites they visit.

Research Method

        To achieve the objectives of this study, the researchers are going to use a self – made questionnaire as the main source of gathering data.

Conceptual Framework

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Review of Related Literature

        Users have to have Internet access to be online on social networking sites. Therefore, we may say that the Internet is an indispensable element of the social network sites. The internet access can direct people’s behaviors towards usage of social network sites. According to a study, children who have Internet access in their homes tend to participate social network sites more than other peers who do not have any Internet access. This study also states that 63.5% of teenagers access to the Internet from their homes. It is important to understand the connection between student achievement and student engagement. Much of the research indicates that student academic achievement may be increased by enhancing student engagement, and accordingly, student engagement has been identified as a significant predictor of academic performance. In a study of the educational benefits of the social networking site states that, since SNS are centered on the individual, rather than on the class, they have the potential to increase student engagement. These types of interaction begin to identify how relationship development in a social networking setting may contribute to increase engagement and learning.



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