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Training and Development

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Essay Preview: Training and Development

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Course Title: Improving efficiencies to retain and gain new customers.

Lesson Title: How cashiers and food prep personals can aid in attaining company goals.

Lesson Length: Cashiers and food prep persons will bet rained over a period of one month before entering the store. They will both learn the same function because achieving goals depend on them working together. In order to work together they must understands each other's role. Training will take place five days a week from 8am to 3pm. One day of the five days per week will be spent in a restaurant for observation and practice of knowledge work on during the pervious four days.

Learning Objectives: While serving customers employees will be able to

1. Provide good customer service by addressing each customer by Ma'am or Sir. Take order accurately while allowing customers to place orders without feeling rushed. Repeating orders back to customers to further ensure accuracy. Thanking every customer at the end of the order using "Thank You".

2. Prep persons will be able to read order and start with preparing of food items while customers are still ordering.

3. Cashiers will be able to check for any mistakes before inaccuracies before handing the order to customers.

4. Cashiers and food prep personnel's will be able to work as a team to accomplish the goal of two minutes and thirty second from order to receiving of order by customers.

Target Audience: All persons working in cashier or food prep position.


Trainees: Trainees are not required to have any previous knowledge before entering into this training program.

Trainers: Trainers are required to have full knowledge of all company policies and company producers. Training should know every job function and should have taking the training course themselves to accurately help trainees. Trainers should have read training manual to provide examples and explain to trainees why functions are performed the way they are.

Location: Four days a week we will meet in a provided rental space of a neighboring Hotel Lobby. The last day each week of training will be held in two separate slow performing restaurant for practice.

Materials and Equipment Needed: Company employee manual, company operations manual, pens, paper, company training DVD's, and overhead projector.

Evaluation and Assignments: Each employee will be given practice worksheets each day that will be a review of material covered daily. At the end will be a short quiz and a blank paper for thoughts and questions to ask the next day.

Although training can be looked at as costly there are many benefits that out weigh the cost. Training employees is an essential activity for all organizations. Training provides employees with the key knowledge and skills that they need to perform their job. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to; staying ahead of the competition, keep your employees motivated, creating positive attitudes through clarifying the behaviors and attitudes that are expected from the employee, being cost effective, and saving the organization money through efficiency (Training- The benefits of training, 2010).

Lets look at the return on investment aspect of training. Return on Investment analysis is one of several commonly used approaches for evaluating the financial consequences of business investments, decisions, or actions. ROI analysis compares the magnitude and timing of investment gains directly with the magnitude and timing of investment costs. A high ROI means that investment gains compare favorably to investment costs (Return on Investment Defined and Calculated, 2009). For example lets say we had 20 new hires enter into the training program that will cost the company approximately 2500 for material provided. Each one of these employees had a salary of 8 dollars per hour and the training lasted for 6 hours per day five days per week or one month. To rent the Hotel conference room is a hundred dollars per day. This will give a total expense of 21,700 dollars for the entire month of training for all employees involved.

Now lets look at the cost of not having the properly trained employees. Lets say that each of these employees have the power if trained properly to gain 20 customers to return visit 15 times in one year. Lets say the average customer spends 9 dollars and fifty cents per visit. That's 6,000 return visits per year from the 20 trained employees. If each one



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